Bruce Jenner Gives Lamar Advice About Divorce That He Needs to Follow Too

bruce jennerBruce Jenner and Lamar Odom have a lot in common these days. They were both married to Kardashians, both had their lives with said Kardashians taped 24/7, and now both have been discarded. It seems family matriarch Kris has grown tired of her one-time Olympian. And we all know why Khloe's union crashed and burned -- they have been dogged by rumors of his cheating and drug use for months.

So it's no surprise these guys would offer support to one another. Bruce recently offered Lamar some much needed advice about how to move on without Khloe.

A source told that Bruce told his former son-in-law "to forget about everything that happened in 2013 and not drag all the drama, defeats, and embarrassments with him." The source continued, "Bruce told him, ‘It will eat you alive and ruin any progress if you stay in the past.’ He also told Lamar to stay off the websites and turn the TV off and not listen to gossip about him."

It's good advice -- for both of them actually. Both men have been chewed up and spit out by the Kardashian reality machine. As Bruce tries to move forward without Kris, he too should forget about the pain and angst he's experienced in 2013. It must hurt to see headlines about Kris already dating -- a former Bachelor Ben Flajnik no less.

And Bruce certainly should avoid websites poking fun at his alleged plans to have a sex change. Poor guy. He was the hapless dolt during his marriage and still seems to be. As for Lamar, word is, he is terrified about how he will be depicted in the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's likely he will come off like a totally unstable cheater who left Khloe heartbroken. They both need to focus on a Kardashian-free future. One where every aspect of their lives -- good or bad -- won't be used to further the fame of their wives.

What advice do you have for Bruce and Lamar?


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Nancy Snyder

I feel bad for lamar I thought him and kloe would be together forever.Its never to late if LAMAR REALLY HAS DRUG PROMBLEMS GET IT TAKEN CARE OF .KLOE may come back but he would have to prove himself,ALSO he has a career to think about.

Julie Brodie

Love u Bruce! Stay strong xx

nonmember avatar Jen

Let's not forget, he IS a totally unstable cheater who left Khloe heartbroken. Remember the crack? And the cheating? And the video where he admits to cheating, and makes light of it? And the refusal to go to rehab to save his marriage? Yes, Khloe is a Kardashian, but she's a different breed of Kardashian... She appears to actually have a heart and said heart was clearly broken by Lamar. I'm guessing reality TV producers won't need to manipulate much to make him appear like a "totally unstable cheater who left Khloe heartbroken." It's the truth this time.

sweet... sweetyazfl

I agree with Jen. I feel bad for Bruce but NOT for Lamar. He cheated and he let everyone know and he broke her heart.

Chavez Rosie

Well All I can say is if Khloe is dating Matt Kemp, she's not heart broken any more. Look at that BABE!!!! They make a cute!! Couple

Faye Peters

I always felt bad for Bruce the nice guy always gets hurt , I knew his marriage to Miss Mrs Ms Kris was in trouble awhile ago she seems to be going through another midlife crises if one can call it that. Remember when she actually wanted to change her last name to Kardashian while still married to him ? If that's not disrespectful than I don't know what is, There were soo many signs of her wanting to move on just on the show alone so ya Its probably a good thing for him so he can truly find someone who will love appreciate and be proud of him ! Lamar he is a lost cause I just don't understand why these men & women don't know a good thing when they have it ? I guess money talks and bullshit walks for the most part of it and the more they have the more they want it seems it'll never be enough , But who really knows fore certain ?

Albert Hinojosa

If all this is true it's too bad for everyone. There is nothing good about a love gone bad. But the world these poor folks live in make it hard to live a normal, below the radar so to speak life. What can you really tell them ? I feel sorry for the whole family. All i would say is, Life goes on, make the best of it cause life is short and it can end with a snap of a finger. And don't hate each other, that makes life tough. Good luck and enjoy what you had .

Briana Mosley

Kohle great woman and wonderfully wife hope they work thing out they are my favorite couple of all time no matter what love you kohle and Lamar 


nonmember avatar Stella Hesketh

Its a shame both Bruce who is an absolute grounded level headed gentleman, and Lamar who is a loveable guy that has some issues of which he cant live with out Kloe.

Lamar will regreat in time not making every effort with Kloe to get back and addressing hid issues.

Bruce ! Go get a stunning lady on your arm and be seen.

As much as i like Kris , she just got a little bored because of her work and the celebs she now deals with....

She will relise what she has lost when she sees a beauty on your arm .

Always the way dont know what you had until its gone.

Best of luck to you Bruce and Lamar , the Kardasian women will be enjoying their fame but even that has its price....

Take care x

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