5 Celebrities Who Refuse to Have a Cellphone

sjpThe other day, I was sitting in my kitchen, staring at my iPhone, willing it to disappear. I mean, I love the thing -- it allows me to keep in touch with friends; email on the go; take 742 photos of my daughter every day -- but I also kind of hate it. Because a lot of the time, it keeps me out of the moment.

Shortly after I realized that, no matter how many times I've read The Secret, the willing would not make my phone vanish into thin air, I got to thinking about what most people think about when they're pondering life's heavier fare: Celebs. I wondered how many celebs, if any, don't have cellphones.

Here are 5 celebrities without cellphones.

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Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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deadl... deadlights86

Aren't blackberry's cell phones?

kikitice kikitice

They don't have phones but do their assistants? I bet the answer is YES!

Nelli... NellieAthome

I find it very telling that, even jokingly, Ms Fabian-Weber thinks of "what would a celeb do" when she has a problem to ponder......

Freela Freela

They don't need cellphones, they have assistants to handle that stuff for them.  Trust me, if I didn't need my cellphone for work and for the school to be able to contact me in an emergency, I wouldn't have one either.

nonmember avatar Mike

I have been in an airport and seen Vince Vaughn talking on a cell phone. Soo, this report is false.

nonmember avatar Damion

Now that I'm retired I really do not need a cellphone but like most other folks I was dazzled by the HTC one and it's abilities to basically be used as a portable computer with almost all the capabilities. Seems the phone part is more of a convenience and I don't use it much. One thing I should have done is bought the phone outright and not get caught up in adding another 50 bucks to my phone bill for the next two years.

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