Jenelle Evans Just Can't Stay Out of the Drama When It Comes to Her Exes

Nothing unites two people quite like a common enemy. That may be what’s happening in the case of the unlikely friendship between Teen Mom stars Kieffer Delp and Gary Head.

The two men boys both were involved with the notorious Jenelle Evans, and one right after the other to boot. When Kieffer and Jenelle got together right after her and Gary’s tumultuous relationship ended, no small amount of animosity developed. But apparently listing Jenelle as an ex-girlfriend has been enough to unite Kieffer and Gary -- on Twitter at least.

A while ago, Keefs was arrested for breaking and entering Jenelle’s mom’s house in North Carolina, a crime that had been previously committed by Gary. He’s still ticked about Jenelle pressing charges against him apparently, because he tweeted to Gary, “... I just gotta go beat these charges je pressed on me a year ago,” and, “she admited I didn't break in and I liv3d there in police report besides the fact I wasn't there.”

Then Jenelle chimed in. “I moved back to NC from NJ. U got mad I wouldn’t give u the tools for yr pipes ...” she tweeted to her exes, adding, “So u told me if I didn’t open my door u would show up and kick it down, sure enough u did.. Just like Gary.”

Then Gary reportedly tweeted back, "damn right I kicked your door in. I say imma do it then beat believe imma do it.”

Apparently Gary is a man of his word. Or something.

Jenelle doesn’t seem too bugged by it. Maybe she even likes the attention? An MTV reality star that likes attention? Nah, it couldn’t be that ... anyway, she tweeted:

Well Jenelle, you certainly seem to have had a “type” in the past. It was only a matter of time before a couple of them hit it off. And here’s to hoping that your new baby daddy Nathan Griffith breaks the mold.

Are any of your exes friends?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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Amy Adams

She talks crap about them as well makin her self out to be the victim. She picked the losers so she needs to weep what she sews. This ugly guy she is with now is no Different. Still Can't believe he was in gay porn so gross. He did gays for money and fame so now snoops even lower and gets with Jenelle.

Kasandra Jeffries

give the girl a damn break she met someone and moved forward so what that shes pregnant maybe this one will give her a reality check to realize she needs Jace back too and how she did him wrong give the girl a break

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