Idris Elba’s Naughty Little Fetish Is Nothing Compared to These


idris elbaThere is no question that Idris Elba is one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. Actually, let's correct that. He's one of the hottest men in the world. THE WORLD. So when he talks about his personal life, we rabid fans usually perk up and listen. However, his latest sex confession is a bit on the strange side. Warning, this is NSFW.

En route to a film festival over the weekend, he tweeted:


My immediate reaction: WTF? But not necessarily in a bad way. Yes, it's weird that a bow tie would incite so much, er, excitement. Still, it's kinda sexy when you think about. 

Though, had anyone but Idris said this, it would have totally skeeved us out. To the contrary, it made women adore him more. He even hit one million followers after the tweet. He later added, "Wowsers! Crazy how many new followers you get when you mention the D*** If I owned a Bow tie company I'd be laughing. Dickie Bows by Driis."

This confession got us thinking about all the other strange turn-ons there are out there. What we discovered makes Idris' bow tie titillation look pretty tame. Check them out:
  1. Formicophilia: sexual attraction to insects crawling on parts of the body
  2. Phalloorchoalgolagnia: sexual arousal from receiving a painful blow in the male genitals
  3. Emetophilia: sexual attraction to vomit
  4. Toonophilia: sexual attraction to cartoons or anime characters
  5. Eproctophilia: sexual attraction to flatulence
  6. Stygiophilia: sexual pleasure from the thought of going to hell
  7. Xylophilia: sexual attraction to wood

I don't know about you, but any of these would be instant deal-breakers for me.

How would you react if your boyfriend or husband had one of these unusual fetishes?

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nonmember avatar Lily

Idris Elba is SO attractive. Be still my heart.

Coles... Coles_mom

Man...I'm missing something. I've never heard of this guy and he is in no way attractive.

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