'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Cynthia Bailey's Marriage Is Totally Doomed

cynthia baileyYou can be in a romantic front-bottom touching relationship with someone and not share a roof with them. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen, before the major daughter-banging catastrophe responsible for their rupture, would wave at each other from their own, separate apartments across the park from each other: Couples in romantic relationships enjoying their own space might be considered slightly unorthodox, but it is by no means unheard of -- unless you're a Real Housewife. 

In Housewife-land when your husband mentions getting his own little bungalow, it's not because of your shared belief in the importance of personal space. It's because he's thinking about leaving for good. This week up on the chopping block (I'm watching Chopped right now as my RHOA digestive, btw, so pretend Ted Allen is writing this), the marriage of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas

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In fact, you can make the argument that this week's episode was all about marriage. Peter tried to make it clear to Cynthia that having her sister unexpectedly staying with them for two months (TWO MONTHS) was only highlighting the crazy in their union. He made really good points. In fact, Cynthia trying to make Peter "be civilized" during their fight sort of proved his point -- she's already putting a damper on how they truly behave when they're alone, and her sister has only been there one week. 

Phaedra Parks found ghosts of her dating-life-past coming back to haunt her. After all the drama about her past relationship with Mynique Smith's husband Chuck coming to light in Savannah, now Phaedra has to deal with Chuck back in Atlanta. He's got his panties in a bunch. Dudes. This is all ancient history.

Chuck choosing to tell Phaedra that she was crazy and they never dated while they were a.) stuck in a car together and that b.) she'd just done him a favor was declasse. I felt almost as awkward watching it as NeNe Leakes did -- and that's saying something. I so desperately wanted Apollo Nida to karate kick in the windshield and whisk his lady away.

If all this dating drama is from high school and the parties involved are all happily married to other people -- then why does it even matter who said what about whom roughly a million years ago? For heaven's sake. When I was in high school, I was positive that I would one day have sex with Sting. HIGH SCHOOL WAS A LONG TIME AGO GUYS.

Did you think Chuck was out of line? Also, what are your thoughts on Sting?


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nonmember avatar Kelgirl

I feel sorry for Mynique. Her husband is an obvious jerk.

nonmember avatar run_dmc

I don't think Cynthia surpising Peter with a relative staying for a couple months - a relative that likely will at least pay for her own food while she's there and will be gone after 2 months - is any where near as bad as Peter suprising Cynthia over and over again with disastrous financial decisions that he makes using HER money - buying buildings, businesses, expensive sports cars, etc that we know of. Those surprises last a far looooonger time if not forever and are much more damaging.

nonmember avatar TW

Chuck was dead wrong especially after the last clip shows him to show respect to the ladies. He had to "do all that" cause he lied to his damn wife.

I loved Cynthia expressing herself and 'reading' Peter. Cause Peter 1) in a previous article mentioned he was about to go to Venezuela and hook up with someone and she called him on that and 2) his getting another spot was him trying to escape just as she said! Cynthia is a strong woman I wish her the best!

Fardh... Fardhia25

I feel bad for Cynthia i was actually think her purple colored husband was going to beat her my god this monster name's peter belongs to a zoo he always looks piss off .Cynthia deserves a better man than this disrespectful angry man he also needs to be on a leash especially when her family comes for visit.CAN NOT STAND THIS IDIOT.

mutte... muttercup

First Peter buys a bulding, using some of Cynthia's money and doesnt tell her.  Then he buys a car without telling her.  I would kick his butt to the curb.  He is a pig.  Now he wants his own place, then him and the new car would be GONE.  So sell the building he has and get you money out of that.  He is a loser

nonmember avatar Akayla

Peter Thomas is nothing but a piece-of-a-man and of that, Cynthia is getting nothing but the crumbs. That woman is too civil, rational, logical, reasonable, responsible to be with the likes of him. All he has done is waste and spend money of which most belonged to her, and barks at people. I certainly hope that Cynthia cuts that apron string soon or she may have to pay this loser alimony.

nonmember avatar Cindylouwho

I would totally fight you for Sting!

nonmember avatar sandy toes

werent there 5 red flags(marriges) ahead of cynthia?plus she should have listened to her family cause no one cares about u like family.

nonmember avatar emz

Watching this over in UK and what shocked me and my girlfriends was the other week when Cynthia 'thanked' Peter for looking after her etc etc during her surgery and afterwards. Who does that? I had a similar surgery this year and of course if my husband tucks me into bed or brings me soup and things I say a 'normal' thanx darling' 'I love you' or something but what kind of marriage requires an actual sit down and lets have a dialogue over you looking after me, isn't that his job!! and vice versa!! What a strange marriage.

nonmember avatar Brooklyn

I had no idea Chuck was such a jerk. He acted as if he had done Phaedra and Kandi a favor by spending time with them. The man is delusional if he really believes the the things he said on last night's episode. Adults own up to their past. Children are likely to lie about what they have done to keep from getting in trouble with the powers that be. Chuck lied. I am just glad Kandi and Phaedra moved on a long time ago and are now with real men.

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