'That '70s Show' Star Lisa Robin Kelly's Cause of Death is a Shocker

Former star of That '70s Show Lisa Robin Kelly died at a rehab facility in Los Angeles at the young age of 43. Lisa had been struggling with alcohol addiction for a long time, and had entered the facility only days after being brought to a hospital for acute intoxication. But no one really knew what had caused her death in rehab. Had her body just given out under the strain of so much abuse? Reportedly, it was much more than that. According to TMZ, Lisa's toxicology report says she died of "multiple drug intoxication" and it has been ruled an accidental overdose.

The coroner reportedly did not identify the drugs found in her body, but the full report will be released in a couple of weeks.

This is rather shocking, because Lisa was in rehab when she died, and her manager had said she was determined to get clean. I don't know much about rehab facilities, but my guess is you can't bring drugs into the facility -- except maybe prescription drugs that are necessary.

If she died of illegal drugs in her system, it makes you wonder how that happened. She had been in rehab for two days before she died. Past reports said she'd suffered cardiac arrest. So it's unclear if she got took this accidental overdose while in the facility, or if it was something she did before she got there. I imagine it will be looked into.

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The whole thing is very sad. Lisa had looks, talent, and a great career. But those things don't bring you peace with yourself. Neither do drugs. And addiction is a very difficult thing to get out of once you are in it.

Drugs are a temporarily solution but often end up being a permanent problem. Cory Monteith and Heath Ledger tragically learned this lesson too.

My thoughts go out to Lisa's friends and family.

Are you surprised to hear this?


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Mark Cox

a drug addict dying of drugs is a shocker?..sad she chose this path..rest in peace

nonmember avatar LISA

F!ck you!!! How dare you insult Heath Ledger's death!

Choco... Chocodoxies

The reality is, an addict determined to get drugs in rehab will. This is not shocking at all. If she had died for acute oxygen poisioning I would be shocked. 

nonmember avatar LISA

Do you even take the time to conduct ANY freaking research for these blogs!!!!

Sunny... Sunnysdmom

Multiple drug intoxication does not always mean illegal drugs. It could be that the prescribed drugs didn't mix well in her system and shut down her organs.  My sister died of this. She was prescribed adderol and anti depressants. The combination was toxic and caused renal failure. She died at 32. And left behind ber 3 yearbold  Stop treating everyone as a junkie. 

nonmember avatar stephanie

lisa i agree.

catmomx3 catmomx3

I worked as the administrator of a women's residential drug treatment facility, and most of the women we admitted were high on drugs they took just before their admission- as sort of a farewell salute to their drugs of choice.  It's also possible that an employee, a little starstruck and not wanting to further humiliate a celebrity, did not do a thorough enough job of searching her belongings when she arrived. Either way it's tragic.

Taisie Taisie

Cory Monteith and Heath Ledger tragically learned this lesson too."

Wow, that was disrespectful. they didn't quote, unquote "learn their lesson", they sadly died of drug over doses. Shame on you!

Hatma... Hatmamaof2

The writer said "they learned THIS lesson too" not that they learned their lesson. Yes drugs were a factor in both of those actors deaths. It's sad and tragic and a terrible loss but it doesn't change that fact that they took drugs, whatever they were, and they died. They didn't take them planing to die, most people who die of a drug overdose/interaction don't. 

Donna Marcus Bond

It is not at all uncommon for a patient in rehab to have a "friend" sneak drugs in for them. 

Once again I'm aghast at the lack of serious thought that goes into these "celebrity" articles.

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