Lea Michele's Revealing Bikini Shot Kicks Off 2014 The Right Way (PHOTO)


Lea Michele in a bikini

New year, new you. Isn't that what everyone's saying these days, anyway? Actress Lea Michele took time away from the Glee set and packed her bags for a Mexican vacation to bring in 2014, and yesterday took to Instagram to show off some of her best, ahem, assetts. In the photo (above) the slender Lea Michele rocks a thong bikini while overlooking the coastline. Hello, bootay!

The Glee star captioned her dreamy pic "What an amazing week in Mexico... New day. New year. #Bringit2014."

Is the voluptuous shot a little more than we're used to seeing of Lea? Hey, sure. Maybe it's the sweet caption or maybe it's just my general love for Lea ... but I don't mind the backside flaunt. It seems as after a horribly difficult 2013 and the loss of boyfriend Cory Monteith, the Glee star is finally in a good place.

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As time goes on since Cory's passing, Lea has seemed to get stronger and stronger. And there's no doubting that she's overly thankful for her fans and family who have gotten her this far. The 27-year-old tweeted her graciousness to her fans last week, saying:

I just ... I smile for her. I can't even imagine how difficult it must have been to pick herself up after losing Cory. Yet she's come back strong. She's working hard and moved forward to the next phase of her career: pop music. With her single "Battlefield" climbing the charts and album Louder dropping February 28, I expect to see such amazing things from Michele in 2014. This booty photo, well hey, it's just the beginning.

How have you moved on after a major loss in your life?


Image via msleamichele/Instagram



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nonmember avatar suz

If I had an ass like that I'd show it off too.

kisse... kisses5050

my first love...died..he was hit by a car while changing a tire for a woman he stopped to help... it was crushing....he was going to be a Rabbiand was sooooo good...I couldnt even eat for a long time..I started to cook dinners for some the older people at temple  and we would do Dinner and a Movie in the lounge . pretty soon some of them would start showing up early to help me cook in the kitchen.... and teach me recipes  then soon it grew from a sr, citizen thing  sr. and grand kids.... and then whole family and pretty soon I was around people again...

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

The attention whore tweeted a pic of her wedgie? Klassy.

BGarcel BGarcel

She looks great and Im glad to know she can continue living after such a tragedy. Some people stop when they need to continue the most.

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