Paul Walker's Coroner's Report Details His Horrific Final Moments

Paul WalkerThe final coroner's report about actor Paul Walker's death on November 30th was released today, and the details are predictably awful. In fact, I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to skip this topic altogether, because I've been racking my brain and I can't think of any sort of non-depressing spin to put on this news. 

In a report filled with grisly information about the bodies, there's one revelation that's probably not a huge surprise -- but should put any nasty rumors about Paul Walker and driver Roger Rodas to rest. As for the rest of it, the best takeaway is that both victims thankfully died within seconds of impact.

I don't think many people suspected that Walker and Rodas were impaired when they got in the car, but the report confirms that both men tested negative for any alcohol or drugs. The coroner's office has ruled the collision an accident, although the final cause of the collision has not yet been determined.

I'm not sure what could possibly still be uncovered about how Rodas lost control, because it seems to me when a vehicle is going that fast (they were driving more than 100 MPH) anything can result in an accident. I mean, the slightest overcorrection or mistake could have caused them to spin out and hit that light pole, don't you think? Particularly since the the limited-production Porsche they were driving has a history of being difficult to handle.

The report listed the various injuries Walker suffered, which included a broken jaw, collar bone, elbow, several broken ribs, a broken pelvis and a spinal fracture. There were tiny traces of soot in his trachea, which means he was very briefly still alive when the fire started, but the report states that both men died within seconds.

Walker succumbed to a combination of traumatic and thermal injuries, and it's now being reported that he was found in a "pugilistic" stance. Some are reporting that means he was braced for impact, but I don't know how that could be proven -- such seemingly defensive postures are often found on burned bodies from the high temperatures. Personally, I prefer to think it happened so quickly he had no idea what was coming.

As you might imagine, both bodies were so severely burned that they couldn't be visually identified. It's a sad final bit of news about this actor's untimely death, and hopefully no further details will become public. This must be an unbelievably hard time for Paul Walker's friends and family, and I hope they're able to find some closure and peace in the new year.

Are you surprised by anything revealed in Walker's coroner's report?

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Kattey Kattey

This is tragic. No one should have to die in such a horrible manner.

dswope25 dswope25

Wow.. so sad I couldn't imagine it..

beadi... beadingmom17

Most of it doesn't surprise me.  The extent of internal injuries seemed lengthy at first, but the shear physics of it makes perfect sense.  Such a tragedy.  He was one of the few celebrities and actors that I really liked.  My prayers continue to go out to his family and friends, especially his daughter.

SaphireH SaphireH

i just cried again yesterday after seeing the new pic Vin posted and then this today made me cry once again... These films held a lot of meaning in my heart so it hurt me to see he died

Dee Dee Rigler

new meaning for NO FEAR... can happen to anyone

Mark Cox

and still nothing from the female website about his love of underage girls...ya dee dee anyone who likes going 100 in a sports car

Mommy... Mommy2235

All underage girls go for an older man.

Itali... Italianmama4

His autopsy report is online, you can read everything.

nonmember avatar Kathie Jones

They told me my son was driving 100mph when he lost control of his car and hit a tree. I remember a feeling of relief when I read the autopsey stating a negative tox report. He also died instantly, besides breaking nearly every bone in his body he ruptured several organs. The two boys with him also died instantly. I am greatful I didn't have to remove him from life support. Six weeks later I comforted a mother in the hospital where I worked as an ICU nurse while she decided to donate her son's organs after withdrawing his life support, he was my son's age.

Bobo Bird

I think the throttle return spring broke, pinning the gas peddle to the floor. The seat belt restrained driver from leaning over and raising gas peddle. It happened to me once. Very scarey!

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