Harry Styles & Kendall Jenner Are Anything but Over (PHOTOS)


Harry Styles Kendall Jenner

Just when we thought they'd probably gone their separate ways, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner went off on a ski trip together -- which means whatever is going on between them is most definitely still "on."

Yep. Some girl named Allie Connolly posted these pics of the two of them to Instagram after running into the couple at Mammoth Resort in California. I highly doubt they'd be vacationing together if they were on the outs. (Odds aren't good.)

She captioned the shots with, "Casually hanging out with Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles. #dying"

Can you blame her? Who wouldn't freak out upon randomly running into these two?

Amid reports that Harry had dumped Kendall for being too boring -- this little getaway is definitely interesting, to say the least.

And even though I still haven't decided whether or not I think they're a good fit, I gotta say ... more power to 'em.

Who are we to judge whether or not they're compatible with each other? I'm not the least bit shy about the fact that I'm a huge cougar for Harry Harry fan, and if he's happy with Kendall, then I couldn't be happier for him.

And I don't know a whole lot about Kendall, but based on this pic, she looks like a pretty down-to-earth, cool chick -- which is right in line with what I assume his type probably is. Ok, so when Harry and Kendall were first spotted on a date together, I wasn't immediately on board. But now that it's clear they have some sort of connection going on, I can't help but want to root for them. (I dig Harry too much not to.)

It will be pretty interesting to see how things progress from here and whether or not they prove their haters wrong and actually become a pretty solid couple. Stranger things have happened, and they do look pretty darn cute together, so ...

Harry turns the big 2-0 on February 1, and if he and Kendall wind up celebrating together? People are going to have to accept that this relationship is here to stay.

Are you on board with Harry and Kendall dating?


Image via Instagram

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Railr... RailroadGirl

Why is a 17 year old on a trip alone with her boyfriend is my question?

nonmember avatar NOYB

I'm not fan of neither. But I can honestly say that from my perspective, the Kardashians is just a bunch of regular people that constantly need attention. I don't like Kim Whoredashian or anyone who gets famous from a sex tape. I don't care about One Direction. Just hate the Kardashians.

nonmember avatar Rachel Bell

They're both adults so good for them

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