Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici 'Seal the Deal' Before Their Wedding

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Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

OMG. It seems like they just got engaged yesterday -- but would you believe Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are getting married in just 23 days?!? Yep. January 26 is right around the corner, which is why they're making all the final preparations to ensure they're ready for their big day.

And it looks like they may have made one big move we didn't think would happen until right before their actual wedding date, which is kind of surprising, given how traditional their relationship has been thus far.

No ... not "that" big move. (Get your head out of the gutter.) Earlier today, Catherine tweeted that she and Sean are looking into getting their marriage license -- so it looks like they may have their paperwork in order a good three weeks before they tie the knot.

Holy organized. If I recall correctly, I'm pretty sure my husband and I didn't get ours until the day before our wedding. Oops.

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As any couple about to get hitched will tell you, getting the marriage license signed is such a huge and significant step -- and it makes things seem so much more real and official. Like, holy sh*% ... we're really doing this.

There's no going back for Sean and Catherine from here -- not that anyone expects them to split so close to their wedding date, but you know what I mean.

Once they have that marriage license, they're basically as good as man and wife -- minus the whole officiating the ceremony thing. Well, that and finally consummating their relationship on their wedding night -- something which I'm sure they're both chomping at the bit to get over with already.

Congrats to the two of them on getting this important final detail in order. They'll be buzzing with even more excitement as soon as this baby is signed!

How far before your wedding did you get your marriage license?


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nonmember avatar Angela

My husband and I got our marrriage license one month before we got married. Just wanted to have it to make it closer to being official.

nonmember avatar Audrey Truelove

Let's see I went about 3 days before our wedding to sign and my husband went the morning of the wedding (courthouse was closed too, so we had to pull some strings). Yes, he didn't get in from out of state until the morning of our wedding, missing rehearsal and all! I hadn't seen him in three months because he was training with the Marine Corps for his upcoming deployment to to love the craziness!! :D

Carla Grewelle Shaffer

Got mine about 2-3 weeks before(36 yrs ago). We were told that about 3 weeks prior, you should get the license

nonmember avatar ma

3 days before we were married. Just want to comment that they are a stunning couple in more ways than one. They are like two peas in a pod. The oppisetes beautiful.

Dana Gunn McIntyre

Well, we met, got engaged and were married in 12 weeks (Fifth anniversary this year!) We got our license three days before the wedding.

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