Robert Pattinson Spotted Out With One of Kristen Stewart's Best Friends


Robert Pattinson

Stop the presses. On New Year's Eve day, Robert Pattinson was seen having lunch with Dakota Fanning in Brooklyn. Yes, Dakota Fanning ... as in his co-star in the Twilight flicks AND one of Kristen Stewart's best friends.

But don't go getting all fired up thinking there's any funny business going on between them. Dakota and Rob dined with a large group of friends -- so it's not like they were on a date or anything. But even though Kristen was nowhere in sight during this little outing, Rob chilling out with Dakota has to be a good thing.

Hear me out.

If your best friend and her on-again, off-again dude weren't on good terms, would you want to spend any time with him ... even in a group of people? I definitely wouldn't. I mean, I really can't think of a bigger slap in the face than staying chummy with someone's ex after they've been through a rough breakup -- which is why Dakota and Rob staying friends must mean he and KStew are in a good place ... and possibly headed for a reconciliation.

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I know, I know ... every week there's some new rumor about them getting back together, then splitting up, repeat, then repeat again. But even if they never do rekindle the flame, at least it looks like they're both mature enough to stay amicable -- and to retain a shared group of friends without forcing them to take sides.

But something tells me it's more than a mutual respect for each other that is keeping them in the same circles. I'll honestly be shocked if they don't give it another go. Oh come on, do you REALLY think we've seen the last of Robsten once and for all? (No freakin' way.)

Have you ever stayed friends with a pal's ex?


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nonmember avatar nina

Dakota is dating Jamie Strachan, one of Rob's best friends from London. THAT is why she was there, as Jamie's date, it has NOTHING to do with KStew! And KStew is in LA, having a great time with her new GIRLfriend, Alicia Cargile. Everybody moved on, so should you thestir!

nonmember avatar grace

Uh no, actually MOST people I know have no problem interacting with friends of exes. It's not like he and Dakota are close or were even spotted talking or near each other. It was a group of like 10 people.

Seriously, this is getting obnoxious. They broke up in MAY. They haven't been seen together in MONTHS. And yet this site takes every BS Hollywoodlife story and treats it like gospel. MOVE ON.

Ofry Arad

im with you rob, regardleSS of who you are with just take Care me

Susan Seeman-Pultz

In my opinion, I know I've been defensive about comments made about my two friends Rob and Kristin but now it is almost like their relationship is the same as washing your hair. Wash, rinse then repeat. Sorry Rob and Kristin, but you two brought this on yourselves.

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