Farrah Abraham Fires Back at 'Fake Boyfriend' Brian Dawe

Farrah Abraham Couples TherapyDaaaaang! Farrah Abraham knows how to turn up the heat on a controversy! The former Teen Mom turned porn star showed up on Couples Therapy last night sans partner -- as expected. But seeing as the show is pre-taped, it didn't give her a chance to respond to "boyfriend" Brian Dawe's claims that the duo faked their relationship just to get on TV.

So what's a girl who's been slammed in the tabloids to do when she can't respond on national television? Take to Twitter to give a piece of her mind, of course! Farrah responded to the fake boyfriend controversy and how!

Sooo, Dawe was using her? What the what?

Somehow Farrah's claim would be easier to believe if Dawe had actually shown up on Couples Therapy with her and gotten some good fame out of this whole mess. Instead he blew it off -- which we saw on the premiere last night -- and he has produced emails detailing his exchange with producers who were pushing him to show up. He's 'fessing up to the fake relationship, but he doesn't exactly look GOOD in all of this.

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So what did he use Farrah for?

And since Farrah brought the very word up, what is this "truth" she speaks of?

Dawe is actually the second guy who has made claims of a fake relationship with Farrah to get her a TV show. Then there's the whole nebulous source of her porn flick -- was it really a private sex tape that was accidentally leaked or a calculated move by a fame-hungry young woman to get herself a payday?

It seems like every word that comes out of this girl's mouth (or off her fingers when it comes to Twitter) has to be evaluated for the "truth."

What do you think is real?


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hexxuss hexxuss

I think she's been 'slammed' a few more places than the tabloids & wouldn't know the truth if it bit her in her plastic face.

nonmember avatar amy brown

I just seen a preview that her boyfriend shows up idk if its brian but it is a guy she did date on one of the teen mom show when she was living in arizona.so I think were all believing these lies , how do you know this boyfriend brian wasnt one loser that lied bout their relationship was all a lie?? He could be just selling a story to make her look bad..I dont believe she was plotting to get on the show.tune in to couples theraphy considering theres only been one episode...I hope its not true but again I did see a preview with her ex showing up

Marcie Borgula

She lied about the porn. She claimed to be in a relationship with James Deen who just happened to work in the industry. But even on Dr. Phil she claimed she paid him to document how hot she was at 22. She can't even keep track of all the lies she has told. It's sad to see someone so desperate to keep being seen.

Jai Hutto

This isn't the first time she's lied to try to get on Couple's Therapy. It was either last season or the season before that one when she claimed to be in a relationship with Carson Underwood. The ex that shows up this season isn't the current fake boyfriend. The one that shows up is a guy that lived in her building that she dated while she lived in Florida.....poor guy.

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