Bethenny Frankel's New Man Means One Thing for Jason Hoppy

bethenny frankelWhile you were half-drunk watching Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on December 31, Bethenny Frankel was ringing the New Year in right -- with a new man. According to sources, and according to photos, Bethenny is currently dating Michael Cerussi III ("Mac" for short). Frankel and Cerussi were spotted frolicking in the ocean in Miami over the holidays, and so say some, the pair was "all over each other" at the Delano Hotel, where they stayed.

Sounds good to me! Now if we could only find Jason Hoppy a woman, all would be right with the world.

Bethenny and Jason's divorce has been about as ugly as it gets. We watched them go from adorable, loving couple to arch enemies in a matter of only a few years. And their demise has been all the more heartbreaking to watch because of their sweet 3-year-old daughter, Bryn. No child should ever have documentation of their parents' acrimonious divorce. And if both Bethenny and Jason were in relationships, the acrimoniousness would end. Why? Because love makes people happy. And happy people don't fight!

When rumors of Bethenny and Jason's split first started, we all wanted to think they were just that -- rumors. We hoped the once-happy couple would reconcile and they'd go on to live hoppily ever after. But fast forward a year or so, and it couldn't be more obvious that that's not happening. So let's hope that they both just move on and have happily ever afters with other people for the sake of their little girl.

Well, Bethenny can live happily ever after. As far as I'm concerned, Jason is destined to live hoppily ever after.

Do you think Bethenny is dating too soon after her split?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Jessica

She and Jason announced their split over a year ago (Dec 2012). I don't think this is too soon at all for either of them to date, if they are ready.

Nancy Fried

Like you said, "Split". When is the divorce coming

adamat34 adamat34

Jason always seemed to gpod for her. She was controlling, he seemed kinder and more laid back.

I hope he finds someone nice.

I think if your going to date pre divorce, it should be done on the DL. Seems trashy to be wearing a bikini with.someone else, then a suit to duke it out in court the next day....but.thats just me.

Jyl Abbott Reeves

not too soon....Bethanny is great but it will be a miracle if she ever finds Mr Right for her ~

Cathy Walter

not a fan of hers so really dont care

Jeff Davis-Stachula

I doubt this relationship will last or turn into anything more than a fling for her…something to throw in Jason's face. I don't think any man could put up with her controlling, I'm always in charge attitude. Bethanny is only happy when she is emasculating men—then she wouldn't want him for being a wimp.

She has major issues and it's too bad because she'll pass her feelings about men onto her beautiful little girl, unless Jason can balance out her sick feelings about love and marriage. She hates her mother for what she did to her…the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, she's just like her mother.

Bryn needs the love and support of Jason and his parents to understand what true love, caring and giving are all about between a man and woman. Plus asking Jason to pay for certain things in the divorce…is she nuts—she worth 120 million, if not more by now. If anything Jason deserves money from her—consider it combat pay, plus she wouldn't have been so successful without him.

She'll never be a happy woman, she's to controlling, plus she's a devilconceited, arrogant b*tch! And her talk show is failing miserably.

nonmember avatar Teresa

How do we know that Jason hasn't already found someone, he spends most of his free time in his hometown without dozens of paps following him like they do Bethenny. For all we know he already found a hometown girl and then everybody will be happy. Jason can live in his parents' basement and see his mom everyday , perfect solution for all.

nonmember avatar dargi

She is a very troubled woman. Jason tried hard to please her but no one can. I do wish the best for him and his adorable daughter who is more than just a photo opt to him.

nonmember avatar Lola

Leave Jason to be a good father. It's not all about you....wake up and smell the Skinny Girl,Cocktails bitch!

nonmember avatar Sandra Womac

Not too soon you Go Girl he is fine omg good looking as hell ....Hell y'all you go girl and good !!!!luck to you Jason !

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