If Jenelle Evans Is Faking Her Pregnancy, She's Doing an Awesome Job

Jenelle EvansFrom what I understand as a woman who's never been preggers herself, being pregnant and having constant morning sickness is a pretty rough gig. Which is why I can't imagine how Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is handling boatloads of criticism all while carrying baby #2.

The MTV star announced her pregnancy a few weeks back and is getting tons of criticism. Last week, she slammed claims that Nathan Griffith was hired by MTV to be her boyfriend. This week? Despite posting photos of her baby bump all over Instagram, "fans" are accusing her of not being pregnant at all!

Granted, this is the same woman who many accused of not being pregnant at all back in January when she miscarried her pregnancy with estranged husband Courtland Rogers. Back then, there were no bump photos. There weren't any complaints of morning sickness. She wasn't up at all hours sharing random tidbits of life on social media.

I think it's safe to say that this time around, Jenelle is most definitely preggers.

Jenelle even got angry when a fan questioned how far along she was, saying:

I mean, here's the thing, Jenelle. You're the one putting yourself out there in so many different ways for the world to judge. You're the one posting photos of your bump and tweeting about your nausea. Is the Teen Mom star entitled? Of course! But she should also know that if she's going to give that sort of ammunition to her thousands of followers, they're most certainly gonna do something with it. 

The important thing for Evans is to breathe and try not to let the stress get to her. I think all moms can agree: being pregnant is a tough gig as it is. There's no reason for Jenelle to get all up in a tizzy over what other people think of her baby bump.

Do you think Jenelle would actually FAKE a pregnancy? Did you ever look like you were further along than you actually were?


Image via pbandjenelley_1/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Sara

There was too a bump photo of her pregnancy in January, everyone called her out on faking it and not too long after that photo was out she "miscarried". It was her "before" and "after" It was the same photo where you can clearly tell it was taken right after another, nothing in it moved except her and that was barely.

Amber Peerboom Mosher

Just because she didn't complain of morning sickness doesn't mean she wasn't pregnant. I didn't have any morning sickness at all when I was pregnant. And I honestly don't understand taking bump photos except at the very end of pregnancy when you get to show off how big you've gotten. 

Krystian Kaufold

She is right though, it's no one elses business how far along she is, even if she is in the media. 

Secondly, I agree with Amber....just because there were wo complainants about morning sickness doesn't mean anything.....I didn't complain about my morning sickness. 

And yes the baby bump pictures every two weeks is absurd and really not needed...

Kylie Rae Stroble

She obviously isn't faking this one because her bump is rounded and tight. If it was saggy or a pouch, then you can call her out on it being excess skin or fat. You can't fake that kind of bump in the photo. I know I am already having a gut this pregnancy at only 6 weeks along. Won't find out until I am 11 weeks at my first appt if it is just my uterus position or multiples (twins run strong in my family).
So, all I can say is congrats to Jenelle on her pregnancy and I HOPE she keeps herself healthy and takes care of this one. People can change...but old habits can also die hard. =[

morgi... morgiefae

Way to be a bitch mcpherson_mommy! *hands out bitch of the day award*

Amy Adams

She faked her s called secnd pregnancy never had a miscarriage..I dont know or care about this one Poor child inside of her and Pooor Jace.

mommy... mommy2beauty

@mcpherson_mommy: please dont hate on teen parents. Not all teen parents are like that. I am a teen mom and a damn good one. Yes i live with my dad yet but i have a job and pay rent and buy all of my and my childs things. And just because some of us get pregnant early in life doesnt make us sluts. Just the way you were talking makes me not just think but know you arent perfect. By that logic, anyone who has a baby outside of wedlock is a slut...look around today that is not the correct definition. I think that you need to gain some maturity. Thanks

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