Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Spent New Year's the Right Way

Kristen Stewart and Robert PattinsonWell, the news is finally in and it may not excite Robsten fans. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart didn't spend New Year's together. I know, THE HORROR! Leading up to the big holiday, there were all these rumors that Kristen was dying to reunite with her long-term boyfriend at their New Year's traditional spot: The Isle of Wight. Her goal? To drink beers, listen to music, and laugh, hoping to rekindle what they once had.

Welp, apparently Rob was spotted on some sort of a dinner date with a mystery brunette. A few days before, the Twilight star was out clubbing in London. As for Kristen? Well, we're not exactly sure. But yup, she most definitely wasn't crooning over Rob.

Dare I say it: I think 2014 will be the year it all ended, for good.

And to that, I say THANK GOD. I mean, honestly, how many times can we hear the same rumors over and over? One second, they're on. The next, they're off. The next, Rob's out with some mystery (insert hair color here) woman and Kristen is totally pissed. It's a complete and total circus!

If either actor knows what's good for 'em, they'll start fresh and move forward in the new year. Something tells me that things will be a lot less dramatic for the both of 'em apart. Plus, holding on to all of these old feelings isn't good at all. 2014, the year Robsten was no longer. Hey, I'm all for seeing some new flings in the future. Rob, just don't drag Dylan Penn into the mess.

Do you think it's about time Rob and Kristen finally moved on?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Kelly

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson FOREVER! I can not except them with other people it just won't work. Although, I do hope her career flourishes more than his, as she is a much better actor. :)

nonmember avatar esther

I have just finished watching twilight forever. I heard of twilight from friends but I did not watch the Saga until recently. Now I know why most people love the series so much. I have heard about everything that transpire between Robert and Kristen. I love the movie but I am not a fan of either one but I can see there is true love between these two. I still think they can make it. people learn from their mistakes. I just hope that Robert can pass all of the media and the public. At the end it is just between you and Kristen. if Kristen is the one that you love, do not let anyone change your mind. if you do not follow your heart, you will regret this for the rest of your life. You only have one chance at true love do not blew it. Do not let these idiots make a fool out of you. If you love Kristen, then just be with her and love her.

nonmember avatar maya

Yes she did!! Check her twitter. You guys domt get deep enough into research. I stopped goin 2 tabloids cuz ur wrong. They did go together. Cuz rob wuz on her playing around while she was taking a bath. They spent new years day together. But not eve

nonmember avatar Why

Please stop talking about these two. There are no sources concerning Kristen's private life. If anyone said anything about Her life other then on a professional basis, they would find themselves out of Her inner circle quickly. Leave Kristen's name out of your anti factual stories. Personally, I don't care if their together or not. As long as She finds happiness, that's all that matters. Lastly, Kristen has never talked about Her private life and has made it perfectly clear that She never will...... So anything written about Her private life (unless it's from Her) is all made up from nothing. It's all BS, as She has said Herself!!!!!!! STOP IT. This is not journalism.

nonmember avatar Susan

Enough of these two already!

hexxuss hexxuss

If they do, they do, if not, then not - either way, my life stays completely unaffected by it.  Also, not every person someone famous going to dinner with is "with them" - for crying out loud, it IS possible to be friends with the opposite sex & just hang out!!


Mary Santora

I think its about time U moved on, who r u 2 say whats good 4 them its none of ur business, stop trying 2 make trouble n stay out of their lives!!!


linda... linda25250

i think they have moved on it's you that has'nt 

Billie Sue Boden-Lamb

I think they have both gave up on something that could have been so Real. I am Sorry for them both for letting go of each other. But "THATS" Hollywood. As my Husband says, they are all fake and "Acting" except for a handful of those who haven`t let the Big Times go to their heads. Almost makes me not to want to go to the Movies.. 

Shirley Sorrow

I think it is time for you and your colleaguesto but out.  The rumors you speak of have been spread by you and others like you to keep the fans stirred up.  No, I don't think they need to move on.  Do you not think it strange that Rob had brunch with one of Kristen's best friends?  Also, there was no mystery date.  The girl you referred to is an old friend of Rob's.  His fans know this.  Why don't you???  Do your homework and quit with the lies  If their love is as strong as I think it is they will be together no matter what.

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