Kanye West Becomes Man of Our Dreams in Kim Kardashian Love Story (VIDEO)

kimyeWe know you all have certain... feelings about Kimye. And they're not necessarily the most positive feelings. Kanye is a special young man. The kind of special that elicits an extraordinary amount of tongue-clicking and eye rolling and horse snorting. But we have something to show you that might change your mind. Behold: The legendary love story of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in one heartwarming video. Watch this and tell me you don't see the the Kanye I see. I mean, the Kanye Kim sees. He's her boyfriend, not mine. Whatever. Just watch.

Okay, so we're debating here at The Stir. Is it just the music? Or can you really see true love at play here? Watch again, this time with the sound turned off, and see what you think.

Okay, fine, so maybe you refuse to do that. I'll just tell you: Even though you can't hear what Kanye's saying, you can tell just by looking at his face that he is so BEYOND googly-eyed, gobsmackingly in love with Kim that he can barely stand upright. He looks like he can't believe this woman is his. He's got the look of lovelight in his eyes, as Simon and Garfunkel would sing. If he could put Kim in a juicer he would drink her all up every single morning. Is this getting weird?


The thing is, Kanye is kind of weird. Derr, I mean he's kind of crazy to begin with. He makes me kind of uncomfortable sometimes. He's got this intensity, see. And when he focuses that intensity on a woman, when he's truly in love -- well, it's just got a huge force all of its own. It's epic. Kanye is using his powers of craycray for good!

Sure, there are probably days when Kim's like, "Dude, I love you too, but you don't have to hold my hand while I pee." Not everyone wants to be the object of such overpowering adoration -- at least not from Kanye.

But honestly? I think deep down we'd all love to inspire that much passion. We all want a man (or woman, fir some of you) to look at us like that. So good for Kim. She looks like she's enjoying it. Who am I to begrudge their love? Honestly, it looks wonderful and fun. This is why I'm 100 percent Team Kimye.

What did you think of this Kimye love story video?


Images via Kim West/YouTube


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nonmember avatar Trepa

Kanye seems nice

ds79 ds79

That was pretty damn sweet:)

Meghan Roark

Kanye has been in it for Kim for a loooong time... I think that's pretty much why none of his other relationships worked out. He is completely head over heels for her and turns into mush over her, which is cute, but I just hope for his sake that she is as serious about him as he is about her. He has some ego issues, but it definitely seems like his heart is in the right place when it comes to his lady. Time will tell if she is going to break his heart or not.

tiafez tiafez

He may be head over heels but she seems disconnected and remote. Her eyes look blank. 

Freda Williamson

I am glad they are happy, just so she knows that if she leaves him. He will forever be in her life, Hope they stay together forever and be the life she has always hoped for. Love them together and Nori is a Beautiful combination of them both. Good luck and Best wishes!

nonmember avatar ginger

"I went for the kiss and you went for the hug"- kanye west

Yep, she definitely wasn't into him before but let's hope that has changed....

Cristina Maria

They're beautifull, I LOVE to hear about them! And I wish they stay happy together FOR ever,!!!!! God BLESS!!!!

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