'Bachelor' Juan Pablo's Deal Breakers May Ruin His Chance at Love


juan pabloA new season of Bachelor begins in just a few days and that means one thing - a slew of women so desperate for a man they will humiliate themselves in front of millions of viewers. Well, the Bachelor himself, Juan Pablo, has revealed just what it takes to win his heart. But his lengthy list of deal breakers could leave him heartbroken and alone.

The single dad detailed the must-haves a woman needs to do to get him to pop the question.

  1. She has to be willing to have babies right away. He wants siblings for his adorable, 5-year-old daughter Camila asap. Plural. He told Channel Guide Magazine that he hopes for at least two. Considering he is already a dad, this isn't a big surprise. But it's a big life change and one not every prospective bachelorette on the show will be ready for. Though, they will undoubtedly pretend to be even if the thought gives them hives. Juan Pablo should tread carefully to find the right mom for Camilla and his future children.
  2. She needs to be able to bust a move. No wall flowers for Juan Pablo. He wants someone who can dance ... and dance well. Even he knows this is a tall order. There is no way all 27 of the women vying for his heart are Ginger Rogers wannabes.
  3. She must love his daughter. Certainly an understandable requirement. This will be Camilla's stepmother after all. Juan Pablo just needs to make sure they have real chemistry and that the contestant isn't putting on a show just to win the ring in the end. 
  4. No sloppy drunks. He wants a good role model for his daughter. However, show producers usually keep the booze flowing during filming. If it wasn't for those wine-fueled outings, there wouldn't the drama we fans tune in for.

So, it sounds like he wants a Carol Brady type, who moves like a DWTS pro, doesn't party hard, is ready to settle down, and will be BFFs with his daughter. Finding the one woman who meets all those criteria will be tough. He could be setting himself up for a major disappointment.

Do you think Juan Pablo's expectations are realistic?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar Rachel

That sounds quite reasonable.

hexxuss hexxuss

I'm  quite sure that if he found someone who was family-oriented, loved his daughter, wasn't a drunkard, & wanted dancing lessons because they loved to dance, they just didn't do it well, he'd be MORE than willing to get them lessons.  The drunkard being a dealbreaker is 100% reasonable.  People DO have the option to say NO to the drinks on the show, they just lack the spine to a lot of the time.

Mary Lynn Noonan-Toschi

YES!  He is being a responsible father wich is refreshing to see.  He's also being true to himself by wanting someone outgoing.  Good for you Juan Pablo!  My respect for him has skyrocketed!  

Julie Martinez

I like the family oriented style. He should however wait a little bit for children and let the couple be a couple for a little while before popping out the babies.

nonmember avatar Ann

I think his requirements are very doable. I am very hopeful that abc picked the right group of women for him so he'll find her. I don't think having babies right away is unreasonable. I got pregnant 3 months after my husband proposed and only 6 months after being together. Been married 6 years and two beautiful children later. Good luck Juan Pablo.

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