New '50 Shades' Movie Buzz Could Spell Serious Disappointment for Fans

dakota johnson jamie dornanThe cast and crew of Fifty Shades of Grey may have taken a time-out for the holidays, but Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are bound to be "back at it" sooner rather than later ... And their filming schedule may include a bit of travel! That's right. Apparently, shooting won't be limited to Vancouver, Canada ...

Honeymoon scenes are set to be filmed at Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands, followed by a business meeting scene set in Madrid, production staff supposedly tell And this will be so perfect, because Tenerife has sexy black volcanic sand beaches, and in Madrid, the entrepreneur who inspired Christian Grey, Alessandro Proto, will make a cameo! ... Wait, hold up. Did they say honeymoon scenes?!


Ana and Christian don't actually go on their honeymoon until Fifty Shades Freed -- the THIRD book! Why on earth would they be filming scenes for a honeymoon NOW? Unless the plan was to cover the entire series in one film?! 

So bizarre! We had been assuming/hearing all along that this was going to be at least a trilogy ... but who knows? Maybe the producers don't think the money or interest is going to be there to make it an ongoing Twilight/Hunger Games-esque franchise, and perhaps that's why they needed so many script revisions -- to include the rest of series? Whoa. 

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Then again, it could just be that this so-called "production staff" source is confused, and they're actually shooting some sort of romantic rendezvous scene in the Canary Islands. As fans know, Christian flies Ana back and forth from Seattle to Vancouver in the first book ... and she also goes to Georgia to visit her mom. Maybe the island trip is some sort of film adaptation twist related to those plot points. Or a total curveball?!

Either way, if they really do fly the cast and crew over there, new details are sure to emerge. Fingers crossed!

What do you suspect shooting in Spain is all about?!


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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