'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham Is One Incredible Actress

Farrah Abraham Whitney Mixter Sara BettencourtCouples Therapy is back and man oh Manischewitz, if the premiere is any indication, season 4 is going to be good! We've got Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong, engaged but still reeling from all that drama with her ex; The Real L Word's Whitney Mixter & Sara Bettencourt; Ghostface Killa; and Jon Gosselin all digging deep into their relationships. But as we pretty much expected from the moment the cast was announced, it's Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame who is already the clear winner for biggest drama of them all.

From all the promos, we already knew Farrah ended up the first ever celebrity to star on the VH1 series solo. What we didn't know is that the girl can actually act! Oh, I know, it's supposed to be a reality show. People aren't supposed to be "acting."


But considering Farrah's "boyfriend" Brian Dawe has just come out in real life to explain he bailed because their relationship was completely phony and made up to get her the gig, Farrah's frequent tears over the guy who did her wroooooong, sob, hiccup, sob were rather good!

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She certainly had the other couples in the house fooled. Celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman put it to Farrah to explain why she was flying solo to the other celebs, and her voice cracked like she was actually going through some emotional turmoil. Ghostface Killa, who seems pretty heartless about how his cheating hurts girlfriend Kelsey Nykole, even said he felt sorry for her. She also got a big sister welcome from Taylor Armstrong who said she and fiance Joh Bluher are totally on board with Farrah sticking around for couples therapy even though she's not part of a couple.

In the end, the couples all agreed she should stick around ... if only so she stops making mega relationship mistakes. Whether or not the Dawe storyline is a fake (cough, cough), I'd say it's a good call. We saw plenty of those mistakes on Teen Mom (anyone remember Daniel Alvarez?)!

What will be really fun this season is seeing how long Farrah can keep up the "OMG, my boyfriend is a meany pants" charade. Anyone want to put a guess on whether she breaks?

What do you think of the show's decision to keep her on board after her "boyfriend" bailed? 


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