'Couples Therapy' Recap: Farrah Abraham Is One Incredible Actress

Farrah Abraham Whitney Mixter Sara BettencourtCouples Therapy is back and man oh Manischewitz, if the premiere is any indication, season 4 is going to be good! We've got Real Housewives' Taylor Armstrong, engaged but still reeling from all that drama with her ex; The Real L Word's Whitney Mixter & Sara Bettencourt; Ghostface Killa; and Jon Gosselin all digging deep into their relationships. But as we pretty much expected from the moment the cast was announced, it's Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom fame who is already the clear winner for biggest drama of them all.

From all the promos, we already knew Farrah ended up the first ever celebrity to star on the VH1 series solo. What we didn't know is that the girl can actually act! Oh, I know, it's supposed to be a reality show. People aren't supposed to be "acting."

But considering Farrah's "boyfriend" Brian Dawe has just come out in real life to explain he bailed because their relationship was completely phony and made up to get her the gig, Farrah's frequent tears over the guy who did her wroooooong, sob, hiccup, sob were rather good!

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She certainly had the other couples in the house fooled. Celebrity therapist Dr. Jenn Berman put it to Farrah to explain why she was flying solo to the other celebs, and her voice cracked like she was actually going through some emotional turmoil. Ghostface Killa, who seems pretty heartless about how his cheating hurts girlfriend Kelsey Nykole, even said he felt sorry for her. She also got a big sister welcome from Taylor Armstrong who said she and fiance Joh Bluher are totally on board with Farrah sticking around for couples therapy even though she's not part of a couple.

In the end, the couples all agreed she should stick around ... if only so she stops making mega relationship mistakes. Whether or not the Dawe storyline is a fake (cough, cough), I'd say it's a good call. We saw plenty of those mistakes on Teen Mom (anyone remember Daniel Alvarez?)!

What will be really fun this season is seeing how long Farrah can keep up the "OMG, my boyfriend is a meany pants" charade. Anyone want to put a guess on whether she breaks?

What do you think of the show's decision to keep her on board after her "boyfriend" bailed? 


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Jai Hutto

Why, Why, WHY can't I stop myself from watching this train wreck of a show? lol Every year I say I'm not going to watch it and then there's always that one couple (or in this case..un-couple?) that sucks me back in. I actully had to laugh when she got all "verklempt" and said "I can't talk about it"...HA! Since WHEN? She's never had a problem talking about anything ever before. Damn you, VH!!! Damn you!

nonmember avatar melissak

Sounds to me like she's really gone crazy & believes her own lies. Scary. I wonder how "Michael" will spin all this around to make her look like the innocent victim? When I called BS on this "relationship" a while back (I never believed it, I knew she was up to something), he called me a fool. That's not the first time this guy has straight up lied for her. He's supposed to be this good Christian man according to his friends on facebook. Now THAT'S the scariest thing of all!

Debbie Homesley

I had my big laugh when she tried to convince everyone her "sex tape" was with her real boyfriend who just HAPPENED to be the biggest porn star around and it was them having a "private" encounter....LOL...She said she is NOT in the porn industry...EXCUSE me but is anyone dumb enough to believe THAT lie? The porn actor said he was PAID 5000 to do the tape...and they had NO relationship but she tried to get him to say they did(sound familiar?)...PLUS she is selling porn material now...Non porn industry people always get molds made of their privates and sell them, right? I am so disappointed that she is obviously still fooling people...I was hoping her 15 minutes were up already...

Debbie Homesley

Oh, and about the "I'm not a porn star" little speech....She BEGGED Playboy to do a spread with her...Smart Hugh Heffner doesn't like horse faces and skinny shapeless bodies and turned her down...she had the narcissistic nerve to go back to them and BEG some more...He turned her down AGAIN! She is probably still trying to figure out why they didn't want to have the "sexiest" most beautiful woman in the world in Playboy...LOL...That is how she sees herself in her distorted mind...I have always thought she is mentally ill...I have a feeling we are all going to see just how so on this Couples Therapy that was dumb enough to take her on...:)

Krystian Kaufold

I'm with the very first poster. 

All though I did miss the first few seasons, I tried to watch last season, but was pregnant, and would fall asleep and I wasn't able to DVR it because my mom wouldn't let me. 


She's a pathetic fame whore! And she has an uglier cry face than Kim Kardashian!

nonmember avatar Lauren Ashley

I can't begin to explain why Farrah doesn't deserve to be a parent. A reality check is in order for her. At least Amber owned up to her problems and got help. Farrah is my least favorite mom of all the moms mtv has aired.

nonmember avatar kylee

Ha ha Love It!! "OMG, my boyfriend is a meany pants"

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