'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Galavis' Shady Secret Could Ruin His Entire Season

Juan Pablo GalavisDang. That sure didn't take long. His season of The Bachelor hasn't even started yet, and already there's a report saying Juan Pablo Galavis is a deadbeat dad -- not the gem of a father all the promos are making him out to be.

Geez. It usually takes a good two weeks or so into the season before the new Bachelor is ripped to shreds in the press. Apparently some thought they might as well get a jump start on things to kick off 2014.

Of course ... the story is from the National Enquirer, so we can't place too much weight on it. It claims that Juan Pablo failed to pay his ex, Carla Rodriguez, two years of child support payments for their daughter Camila. And that's only the start of it.


Supposedly he only took an interest in the little girl's life once he was forced to fork over the money -- which is downright disappointing if it really is true.

But it can't be ... right? I mean, from all the clips we've seen of Juan Pablo and Camila, they look like the perfect little father-daughter duo -- and he appears to be totally devoted to her. Just check out this photo of the two of them from Christmas that he posted to Twitter!

Juan Pablo Galavis and daughter

OMG. If that isn't a dad who truly loves his child ... then I don't know what is. (You can't fake that stuff, people.)

I may change my mind as the season moves forward, but for now I refuse to accept that Juan Pablo is merely trying to portray the role of a loving and caring father for the sake of wooing 27 (yep ... he has two extras) women as The Bachelor. (I want to enjoy his season -- not loathe him from day one.)

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And even if the report about him not paying child support for two years is true -- it's very possible that he realized he needed to step up to the plate and became the awesome dad we all think he is. Everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt. Especially someone as sexy and delicious as this dude.

Do you think Juan Pablo is a good dad or simply "playing" one on TV?


Images via ABC; Twitter

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