Kathy Griffin's Topless New Year's Eve Plans for Anderson Cooper Are Painful

Kathy Griffin New Year's EveDo you happen to remember the awkward exchange between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper during the CNN telecast in Times Square last New Year's Eve? It basically involved a wildly unfunny gag by Griffin in which she repeatedly attempted to plant her lips on his crotch as she said things like, "You know you want to" and Cooper giggled uncomfortably while physically hauling her up and replying, "Believe me, I really don't." It was lame and more than a little gross (I mean, just imagine a man doing this to a woman), and guess what, the two of them are apparently planning to repeat the entire stupid routine tonight.

I would have thought Anderson Cooper would want to put last year's ridiculousness behind him, but judging by the tweet he sent out yesterday, he's all too pleased to take part in another New Year's Eve with Griffin pretending to sexually harass him. The big joke this time? Kathy Griffin's going to show up topless for their broadcast.


If you missed out on last year's festivities, here's the clip where Griffin went for the joke blowjob on live TV:

The only funny thing that happened as a result of that performance came from the PTC, who wasted no time issuing the following statement:

For the past few years, CNN has placed its New Year's Eve broadcast in the hands of a narcissistic Kathy Griffin, who has shown increasing contempt for the audience through her obscene and unhinged behavior. The onus is now on CNN. Either the network has a policy that allows its on-air talent to fondle a co-anchor's genitals, or it has a policy that forbids such conduct. We ask CNN's new CEO Jeff Zucker which one it is.

Haaaaaaa! I'm sorry, I just think that's hilarious. Either you have a policy that allows genital fondling or you don't, CNN. CHOOSE YOUR SEX ORGAN GROPING PROTOCOL IMMEDIATELY.

Anyway, Cooper and Griffin are teaming up yet again for a New Year's special tonight, and here's what Anderson tweeted yesterday:

If her lats were bigger I'd swear that was Carrot Top. But okay, Kathy Griffin's threatening poor Anderson Cooper with her naked boobies, oh dear, what utter madness is going to happen tonight? She's a loose cannon! Cooper's already afraid! We'd better tune in so we don't miss the shocking moment everyone will be talking about.

Let's not forget Cooper's recent 'confession' about how challenging it is to work with Griffin:

She makes me incredibly nervous. I never sweat more than I do in that time [on New Year's Eve]. Even though it's freezing cold out, I'm usually -- by the end of the evening I'm drenched in sweat because I am nervous.

Mmm-hmmm. Well, every good cop has to have a bad cop, right? That's a nice little ratings ploy they've got going between the two of them, and I'm sure they'll be working it for all it's worth tonight.

Are you planning to watch Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper doing their bit at Times Square tonight?

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