Beyonce Gets Crucified After Posing in Front of Jesus

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Should we all just call Beyonce ... Beysus? After the singer posed sitting on a bar in front of a Last Supper-ish painting -- and blocked out Jesus -- many are horribly offended. Which is another way of saying "many have no lives and really need to get one." Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, have been following a plant-based diet -- and that will likely require a lot of juicing. So it's no surprise that Bey took a break at a juice bar in Miami.

In a posing moment, Bey got on the bar and someone took a snap -- not knowing that this would be the snap heard round the Christian world. OMG, people, she blocked out Jesus! Some of the comments on the photo border on the hysterical:

Looks like the Last Supper, instead of Jesus its Beyoncé. Ummm epic fail boo. Jesus Christ is my savior, not you. Besides that, I love Beyoncé, but you will never be God.

Hmm, all of that Illuminati stuff aside (I've never quite figured out what that is all about), I doubt Beyonce thinks she's God. Everyone knows Kanye is!

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This is a prime example of how much people overreact to everything these days. Girlfriend can't even block out Jesus without catching flack, sheesh. Jesus said love thy neighbor, not talk trash about him on Instagram!

Sure, Bey's using of a clip of the Challenger explosion in one of her songs was out-of-touch and insensitive ... but I doubt she's gotten to the point yet where she thinks she's bigger than Jesus. That would make her the Beatles!

Do you think she was making a statement here?

Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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fave82 fave82

Ugh, I can't stand her. I think she's totally full of herself.

belon... belongs2Jesus

try doin that in front of a statue of Mohammed I promise you'll be dead in an instant.

nonmember avatar Anner

Seems that between the Challenger sound bite and this the days of Beyonce doing nothing wrong have ended. 'bout time! She's a very talented singer but that's it. time to come of the pedestal.

nonmember avatar anonymous

@belongs2jesus, so are you suggesting that that's the way it should be? Should someone kill Beyonce because of this? I hope that's not what you are saying.

Mark Cox

oh anonymus...wanting to take things out of context........but i wonder what the folks at stir would be saying if it was islam...something totally different i suspect..almost as like they changed their tune on who is ok to offend since phil opened his mouth...but hypocrisy is protected speech too so kiri is ok

nonmember avatar Zehra

There are no statues of Muhammad anywhere so your point is invalid.

belon... belongs2Jesus

@ anonymous stop putten words in my mouth. 


@Zehra don't matter the point is that this is done to the Christian Church yet do it to Islam or any other church and they will kill you. Yet the Christians are demonized we are the ones that won't kill you for such blasphemies yet we are the evil ones yep that is lefist logic.

there... theresaphilly

Nope, but I do believe some celeb is trying to sink her ship because of the success of her album. When people fail, they always blame others.

Todd Vrancic

I was under the impression that in Islam, they do not have images of Mohammed.  Please correct me if you know differently.

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