Catelynn Lowell's Gift for Tyler Baltierra Shows She 'Knows Him Too Well' (PHOTO)

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tyler baltierra catelynn lowellDespite having just been through one especially rocky 2013, involving a lot of stressful wedding planning followed by cancelled nuptials and a revealing, emotional stint on VH1's Couples' Therapy, original Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra seem to be in tip-top shape to ring in the new year as one happy couple. At least, that's how it appears from Tyler's mushy Instagram post about their latest Christmas together ...

How romantic and so fitting (no pun intended)! Seriously, no one goes buying their partner something like shoes, unless they feel pretty darn confident about their style -- not to mention their size! And Catelynn is well aware of her honey being a shoe lover with a specific affinity for sneakers. Thus, we shouldn't be surprised that she knocked it out of the park with his Christmas gift!

Now, fingers crossed Tyler treated Catelynn to something just as special. Because we know she loves a swanky pair of shoes or flashy bauble as much as he does! And that's just one of the reasons why these two are clearly a match made in reality show heaven.

What do you think about Catelynn's gift to Tyler? What's a gift you gave or were given that showed how well you and your partner know one another?


Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

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Krystian Kaufold

Could we stop calling these two teen parents?!?!?!?! 

They aren't parents, never were and never will be in my opinion, they did a very very selfish thing to that little girl, and are now crying and moaning boo hoo about it. 

And coudl the stir report on something besides kardashians and the damn prince/princess already 

nonmember avatar kendra

Selfish? Have you lost your mind? They gave that baby a life that they couldn't give her.. how on earth is that being selfish???

nonmember avatar ashlynn4265

Ok first and.foremost up.for adoption are more . then parents they are giving people.that the option the be...they they means they love.her more.then.they love.themselves. unless you have.been on.either.side I.think.ur.rude.comments self. read

Layla George

They did a very unselfish thing by admitting they were too young to take care of their daughter. That does not mean they aren't parents.

Krystian Kaufold

Ashlyn, I can't even understand what the hell you said. I don't need to keep my comments to myself, it's a free public site. And they get a lot worse then me. 

And they highly selfish, if they wouldn't cry about it, then maybe I would understand, but they cry about giving her away and not being able to see her like they want to. If they wanted to see her all of the time, they should've sucked it up and been mature and either A, not had unprotected sex, or B sucked it up and taken care of that little girl. 

And yes it does mean they aren't parents, parents are people who actually take care of their children. 

LandPmon LandPmon

Wow, you sound like a bitter, better than thou, bitch! Who do you think you are too judge them? Selfish???? More like selfless, they wanted to make sure their daughter wasn't just another statistic raised in poverty. I can't imagine having to make that choice,but I know it was made out of true love for their daughter. Yes, they are parents just like anyone else who has a child. Go crawl back in your hole, you're the reason we have such a closed minded, unaccepting country. I am sad for your children, for I'm sure you are raising another generation just like you!

LandPmon LandPmon

Oh yeah and before you start judging, look in the mirror, you're ugly and fat as shit!

nonmember avatar sarah

I buy shoes for my fiance every year..... You should know their size and style.....

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

I agree with Krystian Kaufold. I hated Catelynn and Tyler since the beginning, they are no kind of parents!! I'm not just saying that cuz they gave their daughter up, but there are plenty of other reasons they are not and will never be parents. I hated watching Catelynnin season1 saying she was "too young," then bitch should have kept her legs closed!! Also her saying "she can't afford a baby?" Can't afford a baby, but going out clubbin' like every fucking night and planning a wedding?! Is she fucking serious? Parents are people who actually take care of a child, not ones "who give them life." I hope God never blesses them with a child, cuz they'll never know what it's like to be parents.

nonmember avatar Leanne

Does the girl taking so much junk even have kids? I think the one without sin, can cast the first stone! You sound young, dumb, & ignorant!

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