Dean McDermott Will 'Fight' for Tori Spelling Amid Cheating Scandal

Tori Spelling has yet to address rumors that her husband Dean McDermott cheated on her with a woman he met in Toronto, Canada, but sources are running to the tabs with play-by-play details of the aftermath. One source said that Tori is "making [Dean's] life hell" and Tori was recently seen exiting a restaurant without her wedding ring on. Now sources say that no one should expect the marriage to instantly end over an infidelity.


Someone tells People magazine:

He'll fight hard for her. They'll think very hard before making any decision about their future as a couple. She's very dependent on Dean and the whole life they've created together.

Tori may have come from a disgustingly rich family, but for whatever reason, those riches weren't passed down to her. For all intents and purposes, Tori is a working mom with four kids who must rely on her husband for help -- not on an army of nannies. So she is not going to just up and leave at the first sign of trouble.

Additionally, if the "other woman"s account of what happened is true -- then he told her that he was madly in love with Tori, but that she refused to sleep with him. Who knows why, but with four kids and a hectic career, and an extremely difficult last pregnancy, I wouldn't be surprised if Tori's libido is on hiatus, and why not? So she may feel guilty knowing that Dean stepped out, possibly because he wasn't getting anything at home. NOT that this an excuse, it's not. But she might feel it makes the indiscretion more understandable.

Plus, plenty of people don't leave their spouses over infidelity. According to a recent survey, six in ten married women say they would leave their spouse over cheating. Hey, that leaves four who wouldn't -- Tori?

I think every couple is different. How does each partner feel personally about cheating? Some think it's the ultimate dealbreaker -- others not so much. I know a couple of wives who are hoping their husbands cheat so they won't have to put out! Others say they would never be able to trust their men again and therefore would leave.

Is this a chronic pattern or the first time it's happened after years of fidelity? Also, is it something the couple are prepared to work on? Can Dean be honest about what happened and work on it? Can Tori forgive?

Ah, love. So complicated. I wouldn't expect these two to pack it in quickly though. Tori's lack of a wedding ring is probably just a way of her expressing her severe disappointment. After all, a source says that Tori sees Dean as her "knight in shining armor." Even if that armor is a bit moldy now.

Would you forgive?

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