Stephen Colbert Made Epic Cameo in 'The Hobbit' -- No Joke! (WATCH)

stephen colbert hobbitIt's always entertaining when celebrities reveal their own television or movie obsessions ... proving they're just like the rest of us! Sort of! Samuel L. Jackson and Breaking Bad? Amazing. Jimmy Kimmel and Lost? Also amazing up until Lost seemed to have lost its mind. James Franco and Stephen Colbert sparring over who's the bigger Lord of the Rings fan? Well, Colbert may have won that round, seeing as he made a pretty amazing cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which has recently been blowing up the box office.

It's true, Colbert ranks among the privileged few fan boys who plays a (very, very, very tiny) role in Peter Jackson's latest take on Middle Earth. Jackson himself apparently even said of Colbert: "I have never met a bigger Tolkien geek in my life." Now that is quite an honor if I've ever heard one.

Did you see The Hobbit recently, and did you catch Stephen's cameo? Probably not ... so ...


You'll see it here! He's almost impossible to recognize, but of course, even though the movie is still in theaters, since there are so many tech-savvy folks out there, fans were somehow able to get screenshots, gifs, and clips of Colbert's shining moment in the spotlight.

Here it is!!!!!!

stephen colbert hobbit

NICE. Breakout star, indeed.

No doubt about it, it sure looks like Stephen, even without his signature glasses, nor does he break out into song (sadly). And he'll forever have this gif as his ultimate tribute to the books and films that he loves. It also must have been so much fun for all the extras to work with Stephen ... if only for a few minutes. Here he is talking about his appearance in The Hobbit on David Letterman:

Apparently Jackson invited him and his family to visit New Zealand during the production of the movie. “We’re in a scene in Laketown,” Colbert added. “I don’t want what to say what, where in the movie -- it’s kind of a ‘Where’s Waldo.’”

Just leave it up to the Internet supernerds to find him!

Colbert appears very, very briefly as a spy in Laketown. If you recall, it's the watery spot where Bilbo and the dwarves have to hide out and eventually get rescued by the elves. And they haven't even taken on the dragon yet!

Okay. Cool. Great talk, guys. Feel free to move on with your lives now.

Did you catch or care about Stephen Colbert's cameo in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug?


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