Miley Cyrus & Kellan Lutz's Hot Date Is Bound to Lead to Heartbreak

miley cyrusLooks like there could be some truth to recent rumors that Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz are hooking up. After being seen making out in Las Vegas, sources are confirming to that, yep, "they have hooked up and will probably hook up again, but Kellan is in it more than Miley." Uh-oh, sounds like a recipe for a disaster of Taylor Swiftian proportions!

The source elaborates, "He is enamored by her. But Miley is strictly having fun and doesn’t want to get serious, so Kellan better play it cool or he will not get to hook up with her anymore -- she isn’t giving him the relationship that he wants." Haha! Oh, I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't be laughing at the thought of a young Hollywood stud's eventual heartbreak at the hands of Miley Cyrus, but this sounds like such a bad rom com script a la No Strings Attached (or what I like to call the inferior version of Friends With Benefits).


Usually, movies like that have you siding with the hopeless romantic character, but in this case, we've gotta go Team Miley! Cuz, reality check, please: She may have been engaged not long ago, and she may be a twerking sex freak on the stage and screen, but the former Disney star (yes, yes, that's what she is whether she wants us to remember or not!) just TURNED 21. And she's clearly having the normal kind of identity crisis that comes with being that age ... but she's also enjoying the single life, which is something everyone should do at some point!

Serial monogamy -- or meeting someone very young and never seeing what or who else is out there in the world -- can cause lots o' problems. Don't get me wrong. I've seen couples who met as teens, or soon thereafter, last a lifetime (including my own parents). But at the same time, failing to have some good, old-fashioned sowing of wild oats and finding out who you are on your own can lead to resentment, cheating, divorce down the road, etc.

In other words, Miley is so much better off keeping her current romantic entanglements to hookups, make-outs, and the occasional red carpet date night. Because, let's be honest: At least until she grows out of this wanting to tongue anything within a two-mile radius and wearing of vinyl, crotch-bearing underwear phase, the girl is FAR from ready to commit!

How do you feel about serial monogamy vs. enjoying the single life? Do you agree Miley should be doing the latter right now?


Image via Miley Cyrus/Instagram

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