Harry Styles Disses Kendall Jenner Where It Hurts the Most

Kendall JennerUh-oh, the flame that once belonged to Kendall Jenner & Harry Styles has officially been blown out -- at least that's what it seems according to Harry's rude comments about the leggy model. 

Turns out, Harry needs more than just a pretty face. He needs a personality, which, according to a source, Kendall is seriously lacking.

And wait ... it gets worse.


Apparently, Harry thinks Kendall is the most boring person he's ever met. Ouch.

Can we get Kendall some Neosporin for that burn? Seriously. That comment has got to hurt, mostly because it's kind of true. Kendall is sweet, gorgeous, and likeable, but she's not exactly lively and outgoing. Out of all the sisters, she's probably the least entertaining. She's even cried about her shy personality on the show. Being shy is totally fine, but it's something that Kendall clearly struggles with -- which makes it totally uncool for Harry to rub that in her face.

And this isn't the first time he's said not-so-nice comments about Kendall either. I say, if you have that much to complain about the person, don't be with them. I'm sure there are plenty of other young male celebrities who would be more than happy to have Kris Jenner set them up with Kendall and orchestrate a profitable, paparazzi-crazed romance.

Step aside, Harry. Your 15 minutes with Kenny are officially up.

Do you think Harry's comments were out of line? 


Image via KendallJenner/Twitter

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