Kate Middleton & Prince William's New BFFs Are Not Who You'd Expect

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have done such a stellar job of convincing the public that they are just like us (insert sarcastic voice) that I have trouble picturing them hanging out with anyone who didn't attend their university or grow up sharing their blood. But it looks like they have two new best friends who, despite both being British, seem like they'd be more comfortable in Hollywood than at Buckingham Palace.

So who are these two hanging with? Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi? Thank goodness, NO. Rumor has it Kate and Will's new BFFs are none other than Victoria and David Beckham

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The Duchess of Cambridge and the former Spice Girl have reportedly been bonding over their mutual love of design. The Beckhams, who have lived in California for years now, are returning to England and are most assuredly in need of new friends, particularly since their old buddies Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes called it quits. It doesn't hurt that they are reportedly spending $71.1 million to renovate a mansion in London and that Kate had a big say in redesigning the royal couple's Kensington Palace home. 

Kate has been busy offering Victoria decorating advice and picking out an unusual housewarming present for them -- antique Grecian statues. But, I guess, what do you give the couple that has everything?

Aside from this common interest, Victoria seems like a good match for the young mom. Not sure how many friends Kate has who are parents, but she's at that age where you either know a million people who are becoming moms or you are one of the first of your crew to take the leap. It helps to have an older, more experienced friend who can give you parenting advice and be there to lend an ear, and Victoria -- who has four children and what seems like a stable marriage -- fits the bill.

And can we wonder for a second whether this new relationship will influence Kate to take more risks with her wardrobe? She looks stunning enough, but how amazing would it be to see the Duchess rock sleek black leather leggings and ankle boots under a cozy sweater? Fingers crossed.

Apparently, the men are also getting along like old buddies. Will is a big sports fan, which gives the two a lot to talk about, and there's an incredible rumor that Will may take sushi-making lessons from David. 

A-maaa-zing. Can they please invite us all to their dinner party? 

What do you think of Kate and Will's new friendship with Victoria and David Beckham? 


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adamat34 adamat34

This is not surprising.

Chick... ChickMistress

They were at the wedding, so I'm assuming they already knew each other.


Duh they were at the wedding for corn sake as ChickMistress said and David was was at the party that the British consulate held for the Royal couple when they were here in L.A. Not such a new friendship.

nonmember avatar Lily

They're all just celebrities anyway, nothing more and nothing less! Should not be surprising.

Geri Bowling

Not sure I'm thrilled about it, will keep my eye on it. I don't want Victoria to be a bad influence on Kate, she does fine on her own.

Geri Bowling

I'm very happy that Taylor Swift is out of the picture, don't care for Taylor at all.

nonmember avatar Fiona

1-This is not new at all! 2- please do not insult the royal family buy suggesting they might ever have anything in common with Taylor Swift. 3- Victoria is very classy but Katherine needs help from no one. She is class personified.

waity... waitykate

Oh don't encourage Waity Middleton to dress any more cheap and low class than she ordinarily does in most photos. She likes to take it all off too, outdoors, and then pretend outrage when someone photographs her.

waity... waitykate

LOL !!! Someone wrote they hope Victoria "won't be a bad influence on Kate"...LOL !!!!  Waity the party girl and flasher is way crude and low class, do not even begin to pretend that Victoria has pulled half the stunts that Waity has. 

Let's see, buck naked outdoors, flashes little children with her dress up in the wind, photographed without panties, photographed drunk, spent her entire adult life stalking William and drinking...no job, no work ethic.   Lets hope that Waity is no bad influence on VICTORIA.

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