The Real Reason for Cynthia Bailey's Teary Breakdown on 'RHOA' (VIDEO)

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Good gracious, can you believe that 2014 is upon us?? I can't, but maybe my mind is slipping. So much that the next time I have a dinner party, I'll put little stars and hearts next to the guests I like the most (ahem, Yolanda Foster). This week, there's drama from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and my top five television moments of 2013!

In Atlanta, or Savannah, that is, I discuss the strategy of tears. Why are Housewives always crying, and when cast members console you, is it because they really care? Why a cockroach stole the show, and what I REALLY think of Porsha Stewart and Kenya Moore.

Moms will either agree with me or hire a hit on me for my take on the NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey children dating argument. Also, it took me a while as this was my first season watching the Atlanta ladies ... but ... I finally have a favorite. Whom do you think it is?

Over in Beverly Hills, I couldn't even begin to discuss the continued meltdown of Brandi Glanville, but at least she's owning it via her Bravo blog. Let's discuss the OTHER entertaining moments in Beverly Hills this week, where even the berries have Botox. Moms, do you have a playroom in your house? For the grownups? Were you shocked by Carlton Gebbia's plans to surprise her husband, or were you cheering her on? The reaction of the other Housewives in their blogs got me up on my soapbox in today's exclusive video -- tell me whether you agree.

Also this week, my Year in Review: television and gossip moments of 2013 ... my take on Miley Cyrus, Phil Robertson's reinstatement to Duck Dynasty, the Kardashian Krew, and which Real Housewives franchise didn't make it to television AT ALL this year?

What was your favorite Real Housewives scandal this year?

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Ben Wenton

A few observations: first, I don't understand the popularity of Atlanta or your fascination with it. The characters (I watched twice before nausea set in) are profoundly unintelligent, vulgar, crude and boring. I wonder who their demographic is. I can't see white people finding these women interesting or even tolerable.

Next, we know you were strong supporters of marriage redefinition, but must you indulge cliche when discussing Duck Dynasty (another dull show)? A "phobia" is a fear of something. Very few people fear gays. Those who find them unappealing do so out of revulsion, not fear. And next, "half" of the world was hardly bothered by Robertson's comments. Really, what basis for that other than that your friends and social group are pretty undiverse? Personally, I thought the guy was inappropriate but what do you expect from semi-literates (hello, Kanye West?). But what he said hardly offended half of anything. The pro gay movement is a small bunch, and when you make comments like that you show the lack of variety in your peer group.

That aside, you do a nice job on this. Would be nice if you revealed more of how the phoniness works on these shows.

nonmember avatar Swine

Alex, I wish u would recap the Beverly Hills eps. I hate Atlanta & don't watch. The BH ratings are getting better. I think it's over 2 mil, so u might want to re-think ignoring BH.

nonmember avatar Jan

Its impossible to like RHOA because you got one big mouth women who walks around in love with herself and thinks she know everything and interjects herself into every scene and scenario that its impossible to enjoy the women and their lives. Unless they are giving her enough rope to hang herself. Who brags about being a stripper --really really?

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