Most Hated Supermodel Does Something Incredible for Girl With Cancer (VIDEO)

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Everyone loves to rag on supermodel Gisele Bundchen. She's impossibly gorgeous. She posts photos of herself on Instagram striking yoga poses with her toddler (when we can't get ours to sit still at a dinner table) and causes absolute mayhem when she shows the world what a day in the life of a breastfeeding glamazon looks like. Even worse than all those photos, she -- gasps -- has the audacity to speak her mind about topics like breastfeeding and even her husband Tom Brady's football career

But Gisele deserves a break. Perhaps she doesn't think before speaking at times -- far worse crimes have been committed -- but the mom of two seems to genuinely care for others. She recently took time out from her busy schedule just to shoot the breeze with a teen girl with cancer

Karina Moreira got the surprise of her life after Christmas, when Gisele rang her doorbell and proceeded to spend the day chatting with the 15-year-old about makeup and fashion. The teen and model first met two years ago, when Karina was undergoing chemotherapy sessions for her bone cancer. Her cancer went into remission but came back. She is currently being treated again for the disease. 

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Karina calls Gisele her "role model." If you're like me, you might be wondering whether a woman who makes millions because she's beautiful is the ideal person for a teen to look up to, but Karina is way into fashion -- so much so that she has her own blog, Chic by Karina, where she provides makeup tutorial videos. And, if I might add, the kid could give professional makeup artists a run for their money.

Gisele let Karina apply makeup to her face, which would be a dream for any aspiring cosmetics professional. But, more importantly, she gave her the gift of her time and company. And, judging by the look on Karina's face in this video, you can just tell Gisele was wonderful to her. 

Do you like Gisele? If you don't, does this story change your mind about her?


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Baile... Bailey8307

I'm glad to see she is making a difference :) I admit I was bothered by her comment that breastfeeding should be required by law because I couldn't breastfeed my daughter when she was an infant. I was so heartbroken over that and that comment just made me feel worse. I pumped as long as I could but it is a difficult job and I would never blame a mother for not nursing if it isn't right for her or her child. The "multitasking" picture was slightly annoying too.. but, I think we're all guilty of speaking (or posting) before thinking sometimes and it's nice to be reminded not to judge. Love the picture of them together - so happy! God Bless 🙏💗

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I've always liked Gisele. She is strong and outspoken and beautiful. She is smart and takes good care of herself and her family. I frequently point her out to my oldest daughter as a role model. 

Jacee... Jacee2348

I don't care for her & never have, but this was a wonderful thing to do. 

cuauh... cuauhtemocsmom

I love her! She is honest and confident. I think that scares some women but not me. I think she has strong opinions but so do most people. I applaud her and thinks she is just super gorgeous

shann... shannipoo714

I like Gisele. People feel supermodels shouldn't have opinions or brains, and she has both. 

cherylam cherylam

My opinion of Gisele Bundchen adds up to exactly zero. Bless her, though, for being so kind.

missy... missybest

Very sweet of her to do.

"Most hated model?"  Why would you say that?  Are you thinking that is funny to say because she is a pretty together woman?  How stupid is that?  No wonder, no one grows up these days.  Stay 12 and say ridiculous things, bullying things.  The author is really offensive to title this article the way she did!

skits... skitskidaddle

Hated? Why? Get some proffessional help.

nonmember avatar Lukas

I really like it when folos get together and share views. Grreat blog,

stick with it!

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