Jon Gosselin Just Can't Keep His Mouth Shut About Ex-Wife Kate

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Jon GosselinJon Gosselin returns to reality TV in January, when he and his girlfriend of two years, single mom of three Liz Jannetta, join the dysfunctional cast of Couples Therapy. Jon, who claims he despises reality TV and will never do reality TV again is, uh, doing reality TV. BUT he says it's all for his relationship -- that the pair needed therapy and couldn't afford it. Somehow I doubt that excuse would wash if it was Kate doing the therapy. Speaking of Kate ... oh my. Let's just say things between these two sound as perky as ever.

Jon, in an interview with Philly Magazine, had this to say about the mother of his eight kids:

Everyone thinks I’m out to get Kate. I don’t give a fuck! What would I get out of it? Everyone knows she’s an asshole, you know what I mean? I don’t have to -- she’s proven that! Kate wants to still be on television. She’s now digging into the past, because that’s what sells. Too late, honey. No one gives a fuck, really.

Apparently Jon hasn't learned yet that his kids can read. And will probably read Philly Magazine one day. Or maybe he just doesn't care.

As for not giving a fuck, this is hilariously proven true when a "fan" interrupts his interview to ask if he's Ryan Gosling. Ha!

For someone who hates fame so much, he sure keeps courting it. There was the segment on Entertainment Tonight that outed him as a waiter. Then there was The View and Oprah. Then Philly Mag. Now Couples Therapy.

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But he hates the fact that Kate is on Twitter, yelping:

Yeah, Twitter. I deleted it last year. Best thing I ever did. I can disappear. Nobody knows where I am. [Kate] tweets everything. To the world, all about my children. I think it’s disgusting and awful. They can’t even have a normal life.

Hmmm ... Pot. Kettle. Kettle. Pot.

Somehow I doubt Jon doesn't mention Kate or his kids while on Couples Therapy.

It is rather too bad that Jon and Kate, although not a romantic couple anymore, didn't go on the show together and learn how to interact in a civil manner. They brought eight human beings into the world, after all.

Do you think Jon needs to sit down and shut up?


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adamat34 adamat34

Why do people cling to bitterness.....move on john!

Anyone else wondering why his gf is still wity him?

I couldn't be with someone who wont stfu about their ex...


I never watched that show, but even I know that woman seemed like a shrew. And since when is someone being "outed" as a waiter "courting" fame? Did he go on dancing with the stars or do a show with Sarah Palen? Seems to me media is seeking him out, not the other way around.

Mark Cox

outed as a waiter...omg how dare he earn an honest living....these two people know they get talked about as long as they keep talking bout each it seems like kiri is fulfilling her own rant...stop talking bout him talking bout her

SRTmo... SRTmom6127

Please if we stop talking about either one of them and stop giving the publicity (good or bad) they will have to fade into the woodwork.

kayba... kaybayblee3

John just sounds like a little kid. Kate doesn't pull that crap. John is always talking to the press about how "wong" kate is and how she is ruining their kids.

Nothing wrong being a waiter. It's an honest job.

NoWei NoWei

Just your typical straight guy.

Linda Montoya

I watched Kate and John plus eight regular.She was so mean and horrible.He was good to the kids and loving.She was not .he was not a bad person..

nonmember avatar candice

It seems obvious that his problem with her is not only the way she treated him during their marriage, but also that he seems to feel that she exploits their children for her own gain. I think that is what his twitter comment was meant to convey.

nonmember avatar BEhave

They BOTH need to grow up for their poor kids sakes! If anything, when their children are older they should be saddled with all 8 sets of therapy bills!

Kathy Cunningham-Goltscher

Kate walked all over Jon, he is trying to make money he does have 8 kids to support, Kate was a primadona on dancing with the stars,

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