Kourtney Kardashian's New 'Baby' Arrives -- Hope This One Sticks Around

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Kourtney Kardashian is showing off the latest member of the family on Instagram and oh noooo it's another kitten. Remember what happened to the last Kardashian kitten? It suddenly disappeared and then died. Kim went ahead and got a white Persian kitten from a breeder, before even figuring out if she was allergic, which of course she was, so she gave it away, and then little Mercy (named after one of Kanye's songs) reportedly died of a "cancer-like virus." (Probably FIP.) Not a good end. I totally did NOT like the way Kim was dragging Mercy around, showing her off. Kittens get stressed around a lot of action, and she probably didn't have all of her vaccines yet when Kim was walking around outside with it!

Kourtney's kitten isn't identified as a Bengal, but it sure looks that way. Bengals are extremely active and loud. They caterwaul. They are high-maintenance cats. I'll be surprised if this cat lasts very long with the family. And I, for one, don't think that little kittens should be around children as young as Penelope, who don't yet understand how to respectfully treat them. (And you really think Kourtney or Scott will teach her? Haha!!)

The photo Kourtney showed on Instagram looks like the kitten has watery eyes too -- sure sign it's got a cold coming on. Kourtney, get that kitten on some Clavamox!

Ugh, getting pets for Christmas is a terrible idea. It's usually done spur of the moment to make kids happy, or given as gifts to families who may not totally grasp that cats can live to be 20 years old.

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Additionally, kittens should be placed in pairs so that they have a playmate. They are extremely active and can be destructive and bitey without one. They also get lonely very easily. I doubt Kourtney will be playing with this kitten for hours a day -- besides, it needs a cat to play with, not a human.

And just to top it all off, if this is a Bengal, they went to a breeder; they didn't adopt. Millions of kittens are killed every year because shelters are overflowing with them. Purebreeds often have health issues too, and you've got to be really dedicated to treating them. Will Kourt be? Why do I have my doubts??

As for celebs and pets, I wish Justin Bieber would stop buying them too.

Gah, there is really nothing I like about this. We shall see where the cat is in six months. On the plus side, it probably won't be named after a Kanye song.

Do you think she should have bought a kitten?


Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram


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nonmember avatar vc blackwell

Crap. I'm an animal activist and shudder to think of this poor kitten's outcome. A cat is not a recommended pet for very young children and the Kardashians have never appeared to be animal oriented,at best. I pray they'll have the decency to re-home the poor little fellow if/when they realize it's not a good fit. I think they get pets confused with the furs they so enjoy. Heartbreaking.

nonmember avatar guest101

As a journalist your completely ignorant, biased and immature. Why don't you post something more mature, unbiased, nice and intelligent? Instead of the little snide and rude jabs.

AvaBe... AvaBean31

As a vet tech, i have to say Wow you know nothing about cats, vaccinations, or infectious diseases. and your speculations on how kourtney and scott parent their kids are completely off the wall.

Tessa Miller

I love how this author thinks she knows everything, when she clearly knows nothing about cats/kittens.

Lobelle Lobelle

What a hateful article. Stir you can do better

Sirena Robinson

Wow. You know NOTHING about Bengals. They are loving, people oriented cats that are phenomenal with children. I got two when my daughter was a year old. They love her. And you have no understanding of feline behavior either. Two kittens can be twice as destructive as one without proper socialization and interactions. Besides, breeders aren't the devil. Most are genuinely trying to improve the breeds and work hard showing their cats.

nonmember avatar Catt

Kiri said everything I was thinking during this article and I'm very happy (and surprised) that someone else noticed the same things. Do people have their heads in the sand? Do they not understand that euthanizing millions in favor of "perfect cats" is ridiculously sick? It just figures that anything Kardashian would only buy something "high end" completely foregoing all the worthy souls languishing in shelters. Of course they got it from a back-yard breeder. The ones that die, get all kinds of diseases from their mothers being over-bred. If only people had enough empathy to see beyond their need to show off their latest toy. I'm sorry for this kitten as I'm sure that once it soils something sparkly in kims' room, it'll be dumped and replaced by something else shiny and new. God help it.

japan... japanmommy

It's not hard to teach small children to be gentle with animals.

Can't believe I'm about to defend this person, but Kim, her SISTER, not her, had a kitten which she found she was allergic to. She didn't get bored with it and and set it loose on the side of the road, she personally found it a home.

nonmember avatar me

Shees, I can tell theres nothing you like about this. How snarky. To me it looks like they are being pretty decent parents, I truly doubt theyll let their kids hurt the cat.... As for not adopting.. sure theres lot of animals needing a home but so what if she went to a breeder? Theres lot of human kids needing a home too but no one blasts people for not adopting their baby, relax. And theres no rule you need to get 2 cats at a time, I know many people with just one cat and they are all just fine. So hateful today

xxmr_... xxmr_boobzxx

I am seriously beginning to dislikeThe Stir writers. I could do better myself, just saying. You all have a tendency o seem very bored in your lives and constantly downgrade others. its one thing if said person does something ridiculous but to criticize someone you dont even know for getting a cat or any pet for that matter is absurd. Who are you to judge and why do you spend so much time picking at the littlest things. If someons sister is a horrible owner, it doesnt mean they will be. seriously you wouldnt say that about someone you really knew. get real here. wake me up when you have something important to say. You sound like a jealous 14 yr old.

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