Kim Kardashian Shows Off Strangely Racy Gift From Kanye West (PHOTO)

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Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestYou guys? Out of all the things he could've bought for her this Christmas, check out the gaudy Hermes handbag Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. There are naked women on the side of the bag -- which, of course, is from a famous contemporary artist ... George Condo. (Who?)

Considering the purse alone is estimated to have cost around $16,000, we can only imagine how much dough Kanye shelled out for this customized version.

And while every gal loves a designer handbag, it's tough to imagine Kim actually thinking this thing is at all stylish. I mean ... it has naked people on the side of it -- so it's not like it perfectly complements any outfit she happens to be wearing.

There's only one reason Kim would dare to carry this bag. Duh, she wants to make Kanye happy and wouldn't dream of hurting his feelings by not proudly showing off this outrageous token of affection.

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Oh come on ... if your man dropped thousands of dollars on something special for you, wouldn't you do everything in your power to make him feel like it's the most wonderful gift in the world -- even if you absolutely hated it?

If there was any doubt over whether or not Kim is head-over-heels in love with Kanye, this gesture of adoration definitely gets rid of it once and for all. She obviously thinks he's her one and only Prince Charming -- and she'll do anything to make sure he feels like the royal dude he thinks he is.

But let's just hope Kanye doesn't get the wrong idea and start purchasing her other things with nude women depicted on them. There's the potential this "trend" could get pretty out of hand. As crazy as it may sound, I can totally imagine him springing for a full nude-themed wardrobe for his bride-to-be. (Would you really be all that shocked?)

Have you ever pretended to love a gift you loathed?


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Dale Gray

looks like a bum kims always dating black idiots

Autiz... Autiziumom

Worse $16,000 spent. Sell it. Feed the homeless. Soooo inappropriate

nonmember avatar wrkgwmn

Autiziumom-if you want to feed the homeless with your money, that's great. But, here in the United States people are allowed to earn money and then choose how to spend it. I am not a fan on Kanye, I don't care for his music, but it is his money and I don't see as anything wrong with him choosing how to spend it.

Hannah Neuder

its the dumbest gift ive ever saw i agree sell it n feed homeless 


Deborah Ann Voorhees

Its noones bussiness really why or if she likes it or not. A gift is something special from someone who cares about the other person. I think not everyone likes the same things as if everyone did the world would be boring. I like things that are different that not everyone has and if he can afford it then I say good for him. You go girl!

Nasser Loutfi

Zero contribution to society, they should be taxed up to their ears

nonmember avatar Cindy

Every picture together he walks faster and never holds her hand .

Kelly Roland

I like the handbag....though it's a bit big for my taste. The women depicted on the bag were either of the artists imagination, or models who cose to pose nude for the piece. It's art, people. Why are so many afraid of the naked human form?

nonmember avatar Dare

What's he gonna do, go Chris Brown on her?

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