Rob Kardashian May Have a Secret Love Child!

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Rob KardashianJust when we thought we knew everything there was to know about the Kardashians, there's a new bomb out today that could change it all. Apparently Rob Kardashian may have a secret son. Seriously. A new report in Star magazine says that the only male Kardashian spilled the news at a recent shindig at his apartment when friends asked about a teddy bear on his bed and he told them it "was a present for his son." Sources are saying that the child was the result of a fling in Miami years ago.

Shut. UP! And get this -- apparently this isn't the first time Rob's hinted at having a little boy. Earlier this year, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star allegedly posted something on Instagram that read, "Shout out to God ... Shout out to Mom, shout out to my son’s mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol" but then quickly deleted it. The tabloid says that he did the same with a tweet referencing his son in 2009.

Could it be true??

If the tidbit about those past social media posts is true, then it sure sounds like this love child exists. To say that I'm surprised is an understatement. Usually the Kardashians thrive off of this sort of drama! Plus, both Kourtney and Kim had children before they were married, so why is this any different? Could Rob's situation be frowned upon because this was a fling? A fling that could be "bad for business," perhaps?

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Well, according to Star, Kris Jenner has been trying to keep Rob's son a secret, changing the subject whenever he comes up because she's afraid that Rob "being a father could hurt the [Kardashian] brand." Does that sound like Kris? Well, the manipulating part for sure. But the world's watched how ecstatic Kris is over all of her grandchildren. I just don't think this is the kind of secret that she'd make him keep on the down low.

Of course this could all be a hoax, and if Rob actually made those posts in the past referencing a child, we would have heard about this before. I mean, how many times do major celebrities post things, delete them, and yet the world still freaks out over their mistakes? That's right -- a lot.

One thing's for sure: there's no way the Kardashians won't comment on this soon. Until then, we'll all be watching for more cryptic messages ... and waiting. 

Do you think it's true? Do you think Rob has a son?


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Roberta Pardo Rey Bustamante


nonmember avatar Charlie

Honestly I really doubt this! Considering how close the family is, they'd all know and how come people have hardly heard of it?! Rob isn't confident within himself in the programs so I don't think he'd be confident with a child- just my opinion. Definitely a hoax I think but I guess we'll just have to wait and see- I'd be soooooo surprised if it was true!!

adamat34 adamat34

Doubtful. Is would mean a ratings boost and no way would kris jenner pass that up!!! They would have paraded that child in front.of every camera they could find. I call BS on this story

Jerry Gonzales

how close the family is that's the dumbest croc of crap i've ever heard lol,plus if he had a secret love child there is no way in hell his fame mongering mother could keep her mouth shut lol

Bonnie Cobb

Nothing suprises me anymore with the Kardashian. I think it would be nice if Rob had a baby too. Then he would not feel so left out. You go Rob. Leave this for a new season with The Kardashian

Shelley Plesko

it's fake , Rob does like to play games as of season 8 which one of the Kardashians said they can't believe Rob cos things aren't true in the end

Stacey Anne Harris

Or he could have a son but the mother has half a brain and doesn't want her little boy used as fodder for their media circus.......................Nawwww what was I thinking, responsible parenting?

nonmember avatar Pam

Kris shouldnt intervene, how would Rob having a child "hurt the Kardashian brand"? She has other children so whats wrong with Rob having one too? If he wants to announce to the world that he has a son I think he should.

Codyandchristina Drake

If He does great for him. haveing a kid is one of the best things that could happen to anyone. what i think is stupid is the fact that everyone has to be up in everyones business so what if rob has a son if not o well

nonmember avatar yvetter1913

I think if rob does have a baby and if hes keeping it a secert its because he's being smart by not putting the baby in the public eye for dumb ass people to talk shit on them!! But I don't think its true!! I wish people would leave them alone.

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