The 'Real Housewife Feud' That Is Ruining Brandi Glanville's Life

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Brandi GlanvilleNobody thinks everything they see on reality T.V. is 100% real. Unless that sentence is a revelation to you. In which, I also have some news for you about Pegasus. I'm so sorry. I know. I also love winged steeds. But all the same, fakery runs rampant in TV Land and we don't mind -- it makes for better viewing. 

To that end, it's common knowledge that some of our favorite Real Housewife beefs are pumped full of extra delicious and exaggerated gossip sauce (barf). But it looks like this feud between Joyce Giraud and Brandi Glanville is actually real, and actually getting out of hand.

After the infamously over-served queen of saying exactly the wrong thing Brandi crossed new girl Joyce (better known to Brandi as Jacqueline) on the show, Joyce struck back issuing all sorts of statements about Brandi's destructive behavior. She called Brandi racist, an alcoholic, and then teased moments so outrageous Bravo wouldn't even air them! 

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From what we've seen so far this season, it doesn't sound like Joyce is doing anything other than speaking the truth. Of course, as a rookie cast member she doesn't know that stirring up this pot (full of bees) could have dire consequences. And I mean more dire than me shaking my head at the screen and murmuring, "ohhhhh girrrrrl - no!"

The real kicker in all this is that Brandi claims it's JOYCE who's being destructive. BGlans (sounds like a medical condition - whatever, I'm keeping it) says that Joyce's "slander" is apparently costing her jobs. Gee, that's funny, I could have sworn that if anything, it was Brandi's drunken, borderline-sociopathic behavior airing on national television that was costing her work? Never trust a woman who slips into baby-voice while drunk. It's an eerie, bad scene, y'all. 

It's been a while since there's been a Housewives brawl this genuine. For all my snide gossip-lady sniping at Brandi, she does make some good points. You don't go around calling someone an alcoholic. If you're genuinely concerned you talk to them and try to get them the help they need. Brandi has said before that Joyce can't handle anyone else getting any attention -- Joyce continuing to poke this beast proves she might be right!

Do you think Joyce is concern-trolling or does she have real concerns about Brandi? 

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nonmember avatar no one you know

hypocrite alert! LeAnn - I mean, Brandi - was happy to claim that Kim had issues with meth. girl can dish it out, but in n way can take it.

Blessed Williams

who cares this drunken slut was out of control before joyce came around her behavior to have small kids is so sad.hope her husband get his kids soon as possible she act like this in front million hate see her at home.

nonmember avatar Khristy

I have been trying to convince myself to give Brandy a break so many times but I just cannot she is the most malicious evil drunken idiot and I have ever seen she makes all single mothers look horrible!!! Bad enough she attacks my favorite Kyle but this new stuff with Joyce just ridiculous!! She is a slobbering hot mess I cannot say I will stay a fan of the show if she stays on and that is some real dirt!!!

nonmember avatar reader

Brandi: control your drinking, not good!
Joyce: u must be desperate for attention, boring!

Anne Mckinney-page

I think Joyce is a nasty, bitter, hatefilled "Mean Girl", who has used her looks to live by her whole life.  Once that face starts to fall, and her boobs droop... let's see how long her marriage lasts.  Then Joyce will hear, "Bitter, Party of One... your table is waiting".

djord... djordan38

I think Brandi is just a mean girl and needs a reality check.

nonmember avatar Deborah H

Brandi has emotional and psychological problems , the drinking doesn't help. Watching the show I can see why her husband left her and I'm embarrassed for her children.

She lacks in aptitude but have high marks for the display of being classless.

The award goes to Brandi for being a hot mess and #1 candidate for ignorance.

Nancy Fried

I agree that Brandi needs to control her drinking, because when she drinks she completely loses control of her mouth. She seems less offensive when she is sober.

PhyllisP PhyllisP

It seems Brandi always needs a target ... she definately has issues ...lots of them... no one is destroying her reputation bur herself... Brandi get a grip !!!

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