Miley Cyrus' Leaked Music Video Makes 'Wrecking Ball' Look Tame (VIDEO)

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miley cyrus adore youSo I just watched Miley Cyrus' new music video 'Adore You' and my eyes are officially burning.  If you thought 'Wrecking Ball' was raunchy, then this video may qualify for straight up porn.

Check out the video below if you're brave enough to watch, but I'm warning you -- it's NSFW.

Yeah ... so about that.

I don't look at her and see a sex symbol, I look at her and see a little girl desperate for attention. The rubbing, the groping, the touching, the video-taping herself in bed -- it's all just too much. I feel violated and want my four minutes and thirty-eight seconds back.

Unfortunately, this is the reaction she probably wants. Anything to keep her name in our mouths. Why else would she be practically masturbating on camera? But sooner or later, this over-the-top act is going to get old. There are only so many body parts one person can reveal. The shock value is going to die out, and then what? We'll look at her and say, oh, she's just being Miley.

And it all comes full circle.

Has Miley officially crossed the line with this video?

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Waiti... WaitingforApril

I kept fast forwarding because I found it to be boring. She looks like a young boy to me.

there... theresaphilly

She is desperate for attention and will do anything for it. To bad her music does not get her the attention she so desperately wants. 

fave82 fave82

She's trying so hard to be sexy that it's actually embarrassing. And who rubs their face that much when they're masturbating? Lol

nonmember avatar Guest

She doesn't realize that we're all embarrassed for her. No one's watching this video and thinking it's hot.

nonmember avatar Jaime

She wears more clothes in the bathtub than she does anywhere else lol

ds79 ds79

That was so hard to watch...almost disturbing:/ She looks like a 13 year old boy rolling around in the sheets. Yuck

xsmum xsmum

After 30 seconds I was confused then I thought it was little boy got disgusted so turned it off. she's begging for media attention and she's gettin it by all these confusing vedios. The girl can sing I just wish she would use her talent in a better way

nonmember avatar mel

I don't think it felt very natural . She did not look the best in some shots. If it were me I wouldn't have Ok ed it but maybe I'd be too self conscious ? It wasn't as raunchy as Perez made it seem. I think I see where she was coming from with it but I certainly think it could have been a bit more tasteful and less thrown together. It has artistic views but regardless it seems like sloppy work.

Kattey Kattey

I like Miley, I really do, but my heart hurts for her. She clearly has self esteem issues.

Kathleen Hanson

I think it is time to just ignore her.

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