Fan Captures Behind-the-Scenes Peek at Romantic '50 Shades' Scene (VIDEOS)

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dakota johnson jamie dornan filming fifty shades vancouverJust when we thought we'd have to wait over a year to see what the Fifty Shades of Grey movie's gonna look like, we're starting to get exclusive glimpses behind-the-scenes! Whether Universal and Focus Features like it or not, social media-savvy fans are finding endlessly sneaky ways to snoop on filming of the flick in Vancouver ...

We've already seen paparazzi footage of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson filming a nighttime scene outside of Christian's office building. And now, a fan has captured a couple of takes of that ballyhooed bicycle accident scene. Yes, the very same in which we said the stills showed the actors have some steamy chemistry. Hurrah!

Check 'em out ...

Ha, it's pretty much the closest thing to seeing the movie, right? Well, of course there's no dialogue, and the final cut will have an actual bike, right, but it's still quite a tease!

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It makes sense why the studio might be peeved that leaked snippets like this could compromise "the sanctity of the film" ... Apparently, Universal Pictures and Focus Features reportedly hired 10 undercover police officers to keep things under wraps. Plus, inbetween shots, actors hide underneath umbrellas, and when the camera starts rolling, the police officers and production assistants block their view from outsiders.

Buuuut, at the same time, they've chosen to shoot on location (as opposed to a closed, sound stage set) for the time being, so onlookers are to be expected. What's more, little sneak peeks like these only serve to further stoke the fires of our interest in the movie. So I say no harm, no foul -- and even more pumped fans!

What's your takeaway from this sneak peek?


Image via meesh_au/Instagram

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Joanne Barbarito

i cant wait for the movie i think its gonna be great <3

catar... catarina2112


Dominique Marie

I can't wait.

It's eating at me.

I. Must. Watch. This. Film !

Tammy Singleton Burch

getting these little "sneak peeks" get me absolutely stoked for the movie! 

nonmember avatar Cheryl

YAWN!!! 😴

nonmember avatar Audra

I'm curious how they're going to incorporate the emails. They have a lot to do with the story line as well...

Alison Ellis

Love the snippets it builds the anticipation.


nonmember avatar Me

I think this proves they are trying too hard and have absolutely zero chemistry. Stiff and uncomfortable is how I would describe it.

Alison Ellis

Why do the people who constantly criticise not declare there names - cowards I for one can't wait to see it.


Luanne Dunning Edwards

Personally I agree, too stiff and he looks so short! Just don't think I'm gonna like what they do with it and I'm sad about it!

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