Catherine Giudici's 'Offensive' Tweet Is a Bad Sign for Her Marriage

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Over the past year, I've definitely become a huge fan of Bachelor couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici. They're just so down-to-earth, seemingly normal, and both have a great sense of humor. (And they're just so darn cute together it's tough to resist rooting for them.)

But that's why I can't help but feel a bit shocked and puzzled over a tweet Catherine posted on Christmas Eve -- which will probably be viewed by some as pretty darn offensive.

Are you ready to hear this one?

Apparently there are certain games Catherine never had the pleasure of playing until she started hangin' with the Lowe clan.

She's going to be "converted into an official white person?" What the hell?

First of all -- I never thought of dominoes as something only white people enjoyed playing, but apparently it's a stereotypical past time for us.

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And second -- why in the heck does Catherine think she has to turn into someone else the minute she becomes Mrs. Sean Lowe? Sure ... she'll be taking his name -- but that isn't exactly going to change her ethnicity. I sincerely hope she doesn't feel like she has to become a different person after getting hitched -- and I also hope Sean isn't giving her the impression that she's expected to change, or anything like that.

I'm sure she posted it as nothing more than a joke -- but something about the way she worded it just seems so ... off. 

Bottom line -- Sean chose Catherine because he loved her for who she is -- not because of who she'll "become" once they're man and wife. Or at least that's what we can probably assume based on how happy they appear to be together. And if that's not the case? Maybe she should think about taking a step back and reevaluating things before January 26th rolls around.

Do you think Catherine's tweet is offensive?


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Mark Cox

calm its not offensive...but the stir has to be the stir

brand... brandspanknnew

I think this has been way too read into. Jokes, you guys, jokes. I am in an interracial relationship, and we joke like that all the time!

Dania Elisse

did i miss something here? since when did you become a fan of THIS COUPLE? all you done for a WHOLE is blogged negative things about them and now you have the nerve to say you have been a fan? come on now just be real with yourself! how is this tweet offensive? clearly it was a joke! Catherine's dad is half white i think AND her soon to be Husband is white!honestly you need to move on and leave this couple alone you're a hypocrite!

Dania Elisse

OH...I am 1000% sure she's PROUD to be Filipino and would never want to change or let anybody change her! this website is a joke a bunch of grown women acting like kids! if any of you follow these two on twitter and Instagram they are always joking that's their personalities they love to have fun!!

nonmember avatar Olivia

I'm Black & white. I always thought dominoes was played more by blacks than whites. This tweet is more confusing than offensive.

Tyson Fricker

It's only offensive to stupid people.

nonmember avatar georgie

She is probably referring to chinese culture...Ma Jong is Chinese and Dominoes very western culture..she just wrote the wrong word..white would refer to western from a chinese ethnicity. Dont be so hard on her...

Taffie Norris

Good grief! Much to much was just a joke not some deep commentary.

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