Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Have One Star Hoping They'll Reunite (VIDEO)

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kristen stewart snookiThey may not be spending Christmas -- or perhaps even New Year's together -- but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could still very well be back together or getting back together or pining after one another. At least that's what plenty of Twilight fans are holding out hope for. And believe it or not, Snooki seems to consider herself among Team Robsten!

The famous former fist-pumper took to YouTube to gush about what she would get Kristen for Christmas, and her "report" took a seriously kooky turn, in which she said she loves KStew for her "little slutty side." She also explained that she wants to turn the actress into a real vampire, see her marry Edward Cullen "in real life," and then, the couple could raise a baby unicorn. What the ...?!! Yeah, well, this is something you probably just need to see/hear to believe ...

Ay yi yi! Leave it to Snooki to gift us with a bizarre rave-out like this. Well, entertaining is one word for it!

Also, who knew Snooki was such a Robsten fan?! She's clearly not alone, though ... LOTS of us want to see the seemingly star-crossed pair figure it out and live happily ever after -- just like Edward and Bella! Sigh. 

Still, considering how far away the two appear to be for the holidays, we might have to face the facts ... A romantic reunion really may NOT be in the cards. Who knows? But at least one thing's for sure: That baby unicorn is not!

What would you get Kristen and Rob for Christmas?



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Connie Ahles Stennes

All must be right with Kristen and Rob! If SNOOKIE is supporting them, then it has to be. What a load of BS! Who cares if Snookie is Team Robsten? Do you sit in your office all day trying to decide what kind of BS you will write next? Do you throw darts at a chart to determine what celebrity you will pair with them? Please just leave Ms. Stewart an Mr. Pattinson alone.

Gwenda Wakely

This reunion is never going to happen and she is better off with out him. The problem hasent gone away,he cant keep away from women. and Booze.She will come back into her own one day,despite what he is trying to do to her. My guess she cheated because he was often being carried out of night clubs and the women were he was,he did his share of cheating.

Nancy Wentworth

EACH OTHER,  forever....    BUT  KNOW  ,its very hard theses days, being a actor or actress, to keep it together.  would  like to see both , for the next     twilight , MIDNITE SUN,, as it was with EDWARD,,, telling the story  of hes daughter...   but, WISHING THEM BOTH   happiness in what ever comes there way. and  A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR,, with each other,or not



Jodie Sims

Everyone deserves a second chance, and though I am more of a Bella/Edward fan, I think Kristen and Robert look good together :)

nonmember avatar Louisa

Some privacy.

Mandy Mattos

Get her a clue & help Rob move on.....

Gwenda Wakely

I agree Rob and Kristen are a great looking pair. But Robert is not the forgiving kind, once you cross him he drops you,he stated that in a interview.When they broke up the last time,he said he would never date Kristen Stewart again.Once you cross him, thats it,your wiped.This I take to mean,he dosent beleive in giving a person a go and let them have a second chance to tell her side of the story.He was into Kate Perry at the time,but she knocked him back.Also his family had their say.To me this makes Robert very weak,his Ego has grown and he is now very selfish. I cant understand if he loves her,how can her turn his back on her,She did the wrong thing,but if you love someone you stand by them and help them weather the storm. He tucked his tail between his legs and RAN.Maby she needs someone who is a mature grown up and not a boy,who still has to seek permission. And whats with dating her girlfriends all the time? is this his sick sense of humour,to show her that her friends like him more than her,and doing it to hurt her some more,he is showing his self centered side and still hasn't finished hurting her. He was happy enough with her getting him the part and the fame and fortune,now its dump her time.I think we are now seeing Robs true colours.It still takes two to make things work,talking and not running id always worth a try.

Brenda Hamilton

Gwenda, you are a very perceptive lady. I totally agree with you and that is not unconditional love. When you come to a rough spot in a relationship, you do not throw your love overboard but apparently that is the way rob was raised. I feel sorry for kristen and hope she will use this time to get interested in someone else . Rob is a lost cause for her.

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