Robert Pattinson & Kristen Should Spend New Year's Apart if They Know What's Good for Them

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Robert pattinson and kristen stewartRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart may not be spending Christmas together, but New Year's Eve is a whole other story. Rumors have been swirling that the former Twilight couple may be tangoing together once the clock strikes midnight next week. Apparently Kristen wants to spend the holiday with Rob and bring in 2014 "in a pub, drinking beers, laughing, and listening to music."

Of course she does (can you sense my sarcasm?). Here's the thing: whether or not this is true, it's about time now that this chapter comes to a close. No offense to KStew, but the jig is up. This couple has allegedly been "trying" to rekindle this relationship for months and months now, and it's going nowhere. Just like the Twilight franchise that came to an end in 2013 with the release of Breaking Dawn Part II in March, the relationship needs to end, too.

Come on, lady, you can do it. Bring on 2014 with a clean state, Kristen.

Enough is enough, period. I can only imagine the relationship turmoil that Rob and Kristen have been going through considering the media have been speculating the two of 'em were getting back together for EVER now. But now that Rob has moved on to working on new projects and Kristen is tackling the modeling thing, they have no common projects. No common work.

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It's a clean slate, and that's a good thing! I'm sure it wasn't easy to move on from the relationship while Rob and Kristen were doing the media circuit together, sharing the red carpet together, seeing photos of them together plastered on billboards, buses, you name it. But now is the time to break away from that Twilight stereotype and become actors that aren't known by the names Edward and Bella. Now is the time to become who they want to be for the rest of their careers.

So what will that entail? Well, no offense to KStew, but the relentless pokes at her bland personality and inability to smile make me think that this whole modeling thing could really open up some doors for her in the world of print media. And as for Rob? I'd love to see him in another movie alongside pal and former Water for Elephants costar Reese Witherspoon. Preferably rockin' a nice tailored suit.

Do you actually take the new year as a chance to start fresh? What resolutions do you have for 2014?


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nonmember avatar MaryLou

Give it a rest. They are not together..contract is up..she has a new love now..who does she spend all her time with?..who did she take to Thangksgiving dinner? You people are hilarious!

nonmember avatar alyssa

Kristen rob get back together

nonmember avatar Venee Thorne

They should get back together and make 2014 a fresh start.

nonmember avatar candace

Rob and Kristen belong together. They are soulmates. So please stop bashing them and give it a rest. You just go on and on everyday with a new story to dredge up bad feelings. Find something new to write about and let them try and get back together and start 2014 with a fresh start.

nonmember avatar Linda utama

I love all photo robsten

Patty Kohenskey

Rob and Kristen belong together. They are a great couple and you can seen they are soulmates. And it is none of your business. So get a life and leave them alone for once.

Gina Renteria

I think they should get back together.  I like them together.


Luiza Hoxhaj

Rob Kristen sono fatti per stare insieme

Valeriya Abrahamova

.....if they were destined to be real true couple - they would have not missed the millions of chances they had,...but life is not movie, movie you have chance to reshoot some bad scenes, real life it is impossible, matter how hard one can try to reunite again - they still can have scars of their dissapointments in their hearts,...i think, they will be all right when they truly realize that he is not Edward & she is not Bella,...

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