Porsha Stewart's Thoughts on the Underground Railroad & Other Baffling 'Real Housewives' Behavior (VIDEO)

Stuck in Reality 2

So much reality TV drama this week! From The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills to Orange CountyKristin Cavallari, and Duck Dynasty, finger pointing, harsh accusations and flat-out stupidity is what we're getting for the holidays this year. 

This week, I break down for you exactly why there are so many similar elements in each Real Housewives' girls trip, and why they do the things they do. Plus, Christmas came early for certain cast members who received incredible gifts from the other ladies this week. What do I mean? Ah, that would be telling! But I'll give you a hint: The gift givers were Porsha Stewart, Kim Richards, and Brandi Glanville.

In what way are the Real Housewives like The Hunger Games? I don't mean in general ... there's one specific thing I'm talking about. Can you guess?

Sooo, do you think that Nene Leakes' pal Mynique Smith is being introduced as a new housewife? I give my take on what she could have done behind-the-scenes to take control of the whole "My husband dated two housewives," scenario.

And moving over to the Real vs. Fake debate that's been going on since the dawn of reality television, I give you my take. I discuss Simon Barney's OC court case against ex-wife Tamra Barney Judge, as well as the former Laguna Beach and The Hills castmate Kristin Cavallari. With examples from MY OWN reality experience. Think Girls. Night Out. Scary Island. You're going to want to watch this...

Can you believe Porsha Stewart thought the Underground Railroad was a real train?


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2kids... 2kids2dogs2cats

Love you and miss you, don't even want to watch NY without you and Simon!

nonmember avatar m

I love your behind the scenes explanations and observations.

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