Jenelle Evans Spills Details About Her Wedding to Nathan Griffith

jenelle evansShe's pregnant but not yet engaged. But that's not stopping her from planning her wedding. Teen Mom Jenelle Evans, who recently revealed she's expecting with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, has spilled some details about her (potential) upcoming nuptials. And even though she dosen't have a ring yet, she has her and Nathan's first dance song picked out.

Hey, a lady can dream, can't she?

According to Jenelle, the reason Nathan hasn't popped the question yet, despite her having his bun in her oven, is because "he wants to make that occasion a special surprise." According to the state of North Carolina, the reason Nathan hasn't popped the question is because she's still married to Courtland Rogers. However! Jenelle isn't letting some lame marriage get in the way of planning her dream wedding. Jenelle told her Twitter followers that when she and Nathan tie the knot, the first song they dance to will be none other than Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors." Sorry, JT. That song will now forever be tainted. 

If I were a betting lady, I'd say Nathan pops the question before the year is up. They'll have to wait to grace the dance floor with their choreographed dance to "Mirrors" to some time after April, though. In North Carolina, you have to wait a year after separation before filing for divorce, and April of 2013 is when Courtland and Jenelle split. Womp womp.

But hey, I'm sure we'll hear about all of the details along the way! So there's that!

Do you think Jenelle and Nathan will go through with a wedding?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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nonmember avatar Jennifer

IF he does end up marrying her it will just end in divorce anyways so who cares? This time last year she was all about Courtland, then Gary, now this idiot. She is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Literally disgusts me.

mlg1989 mlg1989

She has such daddy issues, she wants to marry every single man that gives her sexual attention. Its rather pathetic...

Hopefully this time she will actually grow up before marrying this dude considering they have been together less than 2 months...

jenns... jenns1987

shes been with him for awhile and has changed... she was a teen then. its pathetic all ppl can do is criticize her instead of watched her blossom and be happy...

RPNmama RPNmama

Wasn't she just arrested last week for fighting with him?

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