Phil Robertson Stands by Controversial Comments as Americans Stand by Him

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Phil Robertson spoke out personally on Sunday for the first time since his controversial comments on homosexuality were made public last week and a bunch of people that had never heard of Duck Dynasty before flipped a lid about it.

In case you somehow missed it because you live under a rock or perhaps were in a coma, the patriarch of one of TV’s most popular reality shows ever paraphrased some scripture in which he said that homosexuality is a sin and that blacks could find happiness in Jesus, even under Jim Crow laws.

Then A&E, the network that runs Duck Dynasty, basically fired Phil. Then folks like Sarah Palin and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that was way uncool, because Phil has a right to his beliefs. Then of course liberals got upset because they thought these people were saying that A&E didn’t have a right to fire him.

Of course A&E has the right to act stupidly. Geesh. Doesn't mean they did the right thing.

Anyway, it’s been crazy to see the support rolling in for Phil and the whole Robertson crew. When Cracker Barrel said they were going to stop selling the show’s merchandise, backlash against the restaurant was swift. Within two days, the company reversed its decision.

"Our intent was to avoid offending, but that's just what we've done," the company announced. "Today, we are putting all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores ... you told us we made a mistake, and you weren't shy about it."

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On Saturday, Entertainment Weekly claimed that Phil will be continuing on the show when filming resumes in January. The source said, “The network also hopes the media and fan furor will cool down over the holidays and that tensions over shooting future episodes can then be resolved. There’s no negotiation to have; we’re doing the show.”

On Sunday Phil spoke publicly for the first time since the family as a whole put out a press release late last Thursday. He led a Bible study at the church where his eldest son Alan preaches and where it’s clear the vast majority of parishioners supports him.

When someone thanked him for his comments, he said, “I didn’t think much of it at all, but it seems a lot of other people did.”

He also said, “I have been immoral, drunk, high. I ran with the wicked people for 28 years and I have run with the Jesus people since and the contrast is astounding ... I tell people, ‘You are a sinner, we all are. Do you want to hear my story before I give you the bottom line on your story?’”

And of course he reiterated that while he does still believe homosexuality to be a sexual sin, he really cares more about people knowing Jesus than whom they want to sleep with.

“I have made hundreds and hundreds of speeches and you can pick them apart and the center has always been Jesus Christ," he said. "Do many people get up and walk out? Yeah, all the time, do I hold it against them? No. Anybody can get up and stop listening. We are all just humans on this planet."

He also noted, “I love all men and women. I am a lover of humanity, not a hater.”

Do you support Phil Robertson?


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Lane-... Lane-Moja

He is entitled to his opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. He is not spewing hate speech, rather stating what his religious book says about one subject.

His religion is not the only one to have this stance on homosexuality, and it should come as no surprise to people educated about religion that a Christian man believes what his Bible tells him.

Would it have been the same outcry had a man of Islam stated the same?

fave82 fave82

Go Phil! I'm so glad he didnt back down.

Marcella Oglesby

I don't get how people think that because it came from the bible that it isn't hate speech. Additionally, you are wrong; the citizens of the US are not standing with this ass hat. If you had a diverse group of friends you would know this. His comments to GQ about race, and sexuality were bigoted, and uneducated.

Tyson Fricker

Didn't support him before this. Don't support him afterwards. He's a fake - like all reality TV is fake. God, Americans are so stupid.

Brain... BrainyMommy

I'm happy he got to say what we wanted. That's what America is all about. But, I don't support his stupidity & wouldn't allow him near my kids. Look at him. He's gross. 

Eddie... EddiesMama1983

I don't understand what the big deal is. He's expressing his views, not forcing anyone else to agree with him. He's not like the majority of people these days who are like "you must worship gays or die!"

crunc... crunchymomma87

Marcella, please don't act like you're the only person with a diverse group of friends. Many stand with him and many don't. If you had a diverse group of friends you would know that. My facebook page is littered with both sides of the argument, because I know many different types of people. He has a right to his opinion, as we all do. Your opinion is they were bigoted and uneducated, many people believe homosexuality is wrong. Both opinions have their place in our society, whether someone else likes it or not.

Marcella Oglesby

Crunchy.... I never said I was the only person with a diverse group of friends. I said that the citizens of America aren't standing with this guy; because I have a diverse group of friends, my newsfeed, like yours, is all over the place in this. The people who would condemn a person over who they love are bigoted, and uneducated; I would make an educated guess that these people haven't had any openly gay friends.

adamat34 adamat34

Good.for Mr Robertson. Glad hes sticking to his guns. I agree with eddiesmom....

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