'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Goes All Out for Her Birthday

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Jenelle Evans Nathan GriffithTo say Jenelle Evans has not always had the best taste in men may be the understatement of the decade. From Andrew, the father of her son who took off on her, to husband Courtland Rogers, who is currently sitting in jail, the Teen Mom 2 star has gotten tangled up with one loser after another. But could Nathan Griffith be the exception who proves the rule? From the way Jenelle's new baby daddy pulled out all the stops on her birthday, he may just be!

At 22, Jenelle is not a "teen" mom anymore, and she isn't dating a stupid teenage boy either. As it happens, Nathan acted like a total gentleman for her big day.

He went out and bought Jenelle a gorgeous blue topaz necklace to mark the occasion. And from the sounds of Jenelle's Instagram comments, he went to Kay Jewelers for the gem:

Jenelle Evans necklace

So cute!

Even better? As Jenelle noted on Facebook, Nathan actually did it all himself ... as in he didn't ask his reality star girlfriend for money to buy her a gift. Could she have finally found a guy who loves her for her, not just because she's famous?

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Jenelle is certainly not the only celebrity who has been used and abused by people who get close simply because she's famous. Fellow Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has blamed her inability to find a good guy on the same problem, and I'm sure countless celebrities have similar tales to tell. But after ex-boyfriend Gary Head alleged just a few days ago that guys only flock to her for her money, the nice gift from Nathan is vindication for her.

There are some nice guys out there ... or at least guys who know how to treat a lady.

Now if she's got her love life in order, maybe she can get the rest of things straightened out by the time this baby arrives? Here's hoping ...

What do you think of Nathan Griffith from what you've heard so far?


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nonmember avatar Truth Fairy

I work at the Kays in Myrtle and I saw Jenelle and her boyfriend go look at jewelry together. She was acting like a movie star or something and demanding so much attention. When she finally picked this out, she definitely paid for it. He wasn't even by her when she paid. It was really sad and I hope she tries for a better guy soon.

nonmember avatar flyonthewall

I was in the store that day as well....& that's exactly the way it went down! It's so hilarious to watch how she turns these stories around for the media! Her boyfriend acted like he couldn't care less what she bought. The only reason they got my attention was because of the way she was acting...ordering everyone around as if she was some huge celebrity. Please. I can't believe how this article talks over & over again about how FAMOUS she is. She had to have written it because she's the only person who thinks she's so darn famous. Most people I know don't even know who she is. No legit journalist would EVER call one of the Teen Moms "famous". "Famous" is someone like Angelina Jolie, not Jenelle. Bottom line, SHE bought the necklace without even as much as input from him. Both lying losers.

shutu... shuturpiehole

ha ha sounds like a couple of haters are jealous ^...


nonmember avatar Lourdes

I don't know, if the first two girls are telling the truth about being at Kay's, but I seriously doubt they are jealous of Janelle. She has a very turbulent life. The necklace is okay for a young girl, but it is from Kay Jewelers, not Tiffany's. Anyone with $200, can buy it. And truth be told, Janelle is not famous. She is a reality star, and probably did not even earn that much from the show. I am not hating on her, I wish the best for (most) everyone. But, she is like any other young woman that had a teen pregnancy.

nonmember avatar non-member

Really, who would be jealous of her....trash!!

Gina Mae Antosz

Guys you gotta give her credit. She has came so far since she has been considered a "teen". She was a complete piece of shit. Didn't give a damn about anything. Then... she realized it was time to grow up and she did. Also, you guys act like you haven't went out and drank. For god sakes shes a grown woman who can have fun. She's had Jace 90% of the time if you see her facebook. Barbara even tweeted "Jenelle takes Jace all the time and I really think this is a new beginning for her. She came a long way." That is what I like to hear. My father was a junkie and cleaned up his ways. So dont even go there with me saying once a junkie always a junkie. You can come clean if you really want to. Stay Strong Woman and Good Luck with Nathan!

nonmember avatar Nicole

I hope it does really work out for her and she can get her son and be a real family. She has done some major domb shit, so know should ve her good luck streak. I wish you nothing but good luck,

Karuhun Gaul

evans boyfriend is not really bad

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