Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's New Year's Eve Plans Are Too Good to Be True

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Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartThey didn't spend Thanksgiving together and it looks like they'll probably be apart for Christmas too, but according to Hollywood Life -- Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart plan on reuniting on New Year's Eve.

(Aww! Jumping up and down and clapping my hands.)

Yep. Supposedly a pal of KStew's says she's come up with the perfect plan to ring in 2014 with her on-again, off-again love.

And yes ... it involves them celebrating somewhere far, far away from L.A.

The "friend" says, "She (Kristen) really wants to go to the Isle of Wight with Rob, and it’s a possibility they may celebrate the new year there, like they have in the past. This is how she wants to bring in the new year — in a pub, drinking beers, laughing, listening to music with Rob."

Huh. Sucking back beers, laughing, and chilling out while listening to tunes. Sounds like a decent enough New Year's Eve to me.

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And while I'd love to go ahead and get excited about the two of them finally realizing they never want to be apart again or some crap like that -- something about this plan just sounds a little bit too familiar and convenient.

Believe it or not, reports came out last year saying Rob and Kristen were going to Isle of Wight for New Year's -- which is why I'm not banking on them actually winding up there this year.

Seriously ... their relationship is really starting to sound like a broken record. They're together. Then they're not. Then they're making plans to be together. Then they're not. Repeat.

Until photos surface of Robsten making out like a couple of teenagers at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve -- I'm going to go ahead and assume they'll be spending the holiday on opposite ends of the globe.

And then we can speculate over the heartfelt reunion they're going to have when Valentine's Day rolls around. (That'll be fun.)

Do you honestly think Kristen and Rob will ring in the New Year together?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar MaryLou

No..she will be celebrating the holidays..including ringing in the New Year with her new love Alicia!

Ellenj49 Ellenj49

Oh stop.  You have no proof of that.  But beside your nasty comment they are done and will not be together.  Life is too short to spend one second hating someone you never met and don't personally know.  What gives you the right?  It's their life and business not yours.  Go to a site you like and be happy.!


nonmember avatar Mae

I totally love them. So what if they are on and off again,they are not married and if they were it's there business. I hope they get it right someday but until then have fun and be happy with the time you spend together.

nonmember avatar elise

isnt it funny how all of these rob and kristen reuniting stories are comming from hollywood life? hwl is about as true and accurate ad a friggin fairytale. rob and kristen are most likely not together and i for one hope it stays that way. the whole robsten trainwreck of a relationship is rivaling that of the bennifer debacle. rob is probably partying and being the complete tool alcoholic chain smoking womanizing douchebag hes been as of late, and kristen is probably being the miserable sad sack chain smoking dummy shes always been.

Helen Roberts

I hope so,it wont be before time please just let them have some privacy.

I am sure if it was you that you would not like all this fuss.

Love them both love Helen xxxx


nonmember avatar Robin

What you mean is that Hollywood Life said they'd be together for Thanksgiving, and they weren't. Then Hollywood Life said Kristen would be going to London for Christmas, and she's not.

And so now they're bumping things to New Year's and repeating what Rob and Kristen used to do for New Years.

When will other outlets realize that Hollywood Life doesn't know anything and stop repeating their ridiculous stories?

Brenda Hamilton

Marylou, please stop calling Kristen a lesbian, because that is what you are doing when you make these nasty hurtful comments.  I am sick of the stir and all their negativity.  I hope they do spend that time together and make a decision about their relationship because I believe they are made for each other.  Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year RP and KS!

Caia InNeverland

I don't know, but I really wish they'd finally come back together for good!

linda... linda25250

Give it a rest please they will, they won't.  their not going to tell you or the so called friend 

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