'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Sets the Record Straight on Her 'Doomed' Marriage

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leah messer jeremy calvertIf you watched MTV's trailer for season 5 of Teen Mom 2, you may have noticed a LOT of drama -- for all the stars. I know, what's new? But there was one storyline that struck fans as especially disconcerting: Apparent discord between newlyweds Leah Messer and second husband Jeremy Calvert, especially a clip in which the two were fighting about money, followed by another where Leah could be heard saying, "He's going to file for divorce tomorrow!" Wait, what? Didn't these two just get married in April 2012? Could Jeremy really have been on the edge of divorcing Leah?!

Well, judging from what the mom of three has to say about the situation now, there's no reason to worry. In fact, there probably NEVER was!

Not long after the preview debuted, Leah's been tweeting up a storm of really warm and fuzzy tweets about her husband and family life.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


And last, but not least, she retweeted this:


Yep, I feel like it is pretty safe to say that this cute couple are doing just fine. The whole divorce scare snippet from the trailer seems to me like the result of some handy, reality TV editing work! Let's not be fooled, ladies, eh? It could have even been that she was talking about someone other than Jeremy! (Corey?! Could he have been filing from his new wife Miranda? Who knows!) And even if she was, we know MTV edits these trailers together for the biggest OMG effect. Whether the stars like it or not, the show's producers have free reign to incite drama where it is fleeting, minimal, or even nonexistent. 

Yet Leah managed to strike the perfect balance between promoting the upcoming season and showcasing just how happy and healthy her marriage is right now. And as much drama as we're hoping to see on the new season, knowing she, Jeremy, and her girls are doing a-okay is most definitely a relief.

What do you think is going on in that trailer?! Do you think Jeremy and Leah could be having problems?


Image via Leah Messer/Twitter

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Bobbie Scherzer

Usually when people have to tweet or Facebook about how good their marriage, it usually isn't.  Who is Leah trying to convince: the fans or herself?  She could be happy with #2, but for someone is happy, she spends a lot of time on Tweeter talking about her happy life instead of living it.

Rebecca Burke Thomas

I think she will never be happy with nobody other than Corey. Thats her true Love.

nonmember avatar whocares

No jealousy here but I don't see that a 21 (if that) GIRL is doing so good when she's got three kids, one of which has special medical needs, no education, no job to speak of and on her second marriage. REALLY, you think she's doing so good! She wouldn't be if she wasn't married to a man that is working his tail off to keep her in all her glory. Yes, she earns money from MTV BUT it's not enough to substain her for life. Folks that find her an inspiration need to really take a good look around and find a MORAL person to be inspired by not someone who has withered a storm and come out smelling like a rose.

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