20 Biggest '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Moments of 2013 (PHOTOS)

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jamie dornan dakota johnsonCan you believe that this time last year, all we really knew about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie was that it was happening, and Saving Mr. Banks screenwriter Kelly Marcel would be penning the script? Everything else was a wild guessing game littered with anyone who's anyone in Hollywood (and even a lot of anyones who are no one, really). My, how far we've come, eh? 

To celebrate one seriously riled up, raunchy, and yes, at times, ridiculous roller coaster ride that 2013 has been for Fifty Shades, here, the year's 20 biggest moments for the wildly-anticipated movie  ... Let's count 'em down!

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What was the biggest moment of the year for you as a Fifty Shades fan?

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nonmember avatar July

With so many actresses out of work and they had to settle to Dakota...This girl is so desperate to be in hollywood, every time she sees a camera she PLAYS UP AN DOES this stupid sweet, innocent ‘look’ to jamie and the photos intentionally in a stupid cutesy way.

nonmember avatar Paty

Dakota doesn’t have a natural beauty, she only looks good with a lot of make up and expensives clothes…she should never been pick as Ana, she should be someone like Kate or leila...

catar... catarina2112

My favourite moments were when Charlie dropped out and Jamie was recast! WITHOUT ANY DOUBT!

لطيف نجمة

They are both pretty and handsome, ok? No critized because of their look, the question and important thing for this movie is the Script and the acting, Are they really good actor/actress? DIRECTOR Robert Zemekcis (back in the Future) knew with 4 weeks  that Eric Stoltz wasn't doing great acting in the movie, the Company fire him and hired Michael J Fox! And it was a huge hit!!! If the director understand the script has got to know which actor/actress is the best for the role!!!! The director got to have the perfect eye (vision) on how the movie should be! There ACTING doesn't convince me at all!

nonmember avatar carolina

Decepcionada ella no era la anastasia q yo me imagine nada q ver con el libro

nonmember avatar lisa

I hope they get rid of all Dakota's wrinkles she looks old enough to be playing Christian's mother.

nonmember avatar rachael

Unknown director for the most part..D list actors for sure...I can say if the world thinks its hot? What a crazy world..After all they cared about the book....The movie will have zero chemistry...But they did it on a shoestring budget counting on the fact that people are just plain lame..The good news? Charlie H was smart enough to drop out...Go Charlie...#bummer

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