'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood's 10 Most Shocking Confessions to Dr. Phil (VIDEO)

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Amber PortwoodWhatever impression Amber Portwood made on you during her stint on Teen Mom, put it aside. The girl who showed up on Dr. Phil this afternoon is a completely different person from the violent, selfish drug addict we saw over four seasons on MTV. And you know what? The new Amber Portwood is actually really likeable!

She's real! And honest! And more than willing to own up to just what a disaster she was making of her life before choosing to go to prison.

In fact, Amber had no problem throwing open the door to a closet full of skeletons and letting the TV doc poke around in there. Here are some of the more shocking things he found out:

1. Amber was never sober on camera. Save for her stint on 16 & Pregnant, the Teen Mom admitted that she was high every single time she was on MTV.

2. Her drug problems started young. Amber told Dr. Phil that the first time she tried drugs, she was only 9 years old!

3. Her much-publicized suicide attempt wasn't her only one. The night before Amber walked into court and opted for prison over rehab, she admits she took enough pills to kill herself ... and didn't care if she died.

4. Despite railing against ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley often on the show for keeping their daughter away from her, Amber admitted on camera that it was absolutely the right move. She called herself a "bad mom." 

5. Amber still loves Gary. As she said to Dr. Phil,

I love Gary with all my heart. He's an amazing person ... he's sweet; he's funny. We're just toxic together.

6. Vivid Entertainment -- the company that released fellow Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's sex tape -- offered Amber the same deal years ago ... but she turned it down. Although she did not refer to Farrah by name, Amber expressed shock over her one-time co-star's video:

It's weird to see people that you know and you would never think do something like that.

7. If she had it to do again, Amber would still appear on Teen Mom. She says she would simply do things differently while on the show.

8. Gary cheated on Amber. Although she says she regrets hitting him and feels very badly about it, she admits she was very angry at him for telling her he'd cheated just a few days before filming.

9. Amber was getting high while IN rehab:

I was still using, and I was actually using worse. I was using a drug call fentanyl ... I would eat the patch. I was using that the whole time I was in there with a friend -- or whatever she was.

10. Amber only saw Leah three times during her entire 17-month stay in prison.

Watch Amber talk about beating Gary:


What do you notice about the new Amber? How is she different?


Image via Dr. Phil

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AliPa... AliParker

I totally called her still doing drugs while in rehab. The few times we seen her in rehab on the series she looked so high I wondered to my friend if the doctor that was talking to her was just an absolute idiot that should have never got his license or if MTV payed him to pretend to be her doctor, or therapist, whatever he was.

Bobbie Scherzer

I knew the first one was true. She always appeared to be out of it and easily angered. I'm glad she realizes Gary was and still is the better person to be caring for Leah. As for Gary cheating on her, I do not believe it. Even if he did, Amber has cheated on him.

Punch... Punchyobuns

i also thought she seemed really high in rehab. she could barely talk!

nonmember avatar D.T

I think she was amazing last night on Dr Phil. I'm so proud of her

nonmember avatar jaime

It takes a great deal of personal strength to beat your demons, I hope Amber continues the good fight! It's so awesome that she recognized her issues and faced them instead of giving up or denying and lying about them. Good for her and good luck to her!

sandl... sandlinmix6

I already knew she was high every episode of teen mom, sorry to say but you could see it in her eyes & the way she spoke. Not a surprise.

nonmember avatar Christina N

I'm very proud of Amber and it takes a LOT of inner strength to admit to your faults and wrongdoing, which MOST people wouldn't do ESPECIALLY on national TV. She was an example to a lot of other people who are in her shoes to start being honest with themselves regarding their faults and weaknesses. She showed MUCH more maturity than most adults I know who are VERY close to me!

nonmember avatar nik

I think she is an amazing and strong woman she should be proud of herself to go back on national television and admits her wrongs Im a recovering addict myself and no matter People think and say just know they have never walked a mile in your shoes if they are that judge mental you are a wonderfully mom no matter what mistakes have been made what's done is done and in the past move forward that you are and your daughter will have the most respect for you just knowing how far you have come

Ben Hatton

Gary is a DOG. He pushed her, he is a nasty manipulative person! He pushes her buttons and sits back smiling - hiding behind his fat head. He is a narcissist, abusive, game playing BEEEEP

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