Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Dramatic Year in Pictures in 2013 (PHOTOS)

rob and kristen Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have had a very rocky 2013. There were the agonizing months apart after the Rupert Saunders cheating scandal. Then, there was the tentative reunion followed by more splits than anyone can shake a stick at. 

Both Rob and Kristen tried to move on with different people -- but they were always drawn back to each other. We held our breath each time they were spotted together. We cursed the heavens when rumors broke about new people they might be dating. We watched Twilight again and again knowing that if the magic we saw there was real (and it was), then they could never be apart for long.

It seems like they're "just friends" (WINK WINK) for now. But with the insane history and intense chemistry these two have -- they are destined to have an even crazier 2014. Here are 10 of the highlights 2013 held for Rob and Kristen. 


Image via Summit

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Ofry Arad

good year for the bouth of you  robert and crysty

i know what it meanS

true love allwayS workS


Elaine David Lisle

FOR GOD SAKES! This whole cheating thing was almost 2 years ago. I would say it is time to move on and quit being so self righteous people. This girl has taken a beating by the press and the men involved never got any kind of bashing at all. Rob was a chronic cheat (but that seemd to be ok coz hes a guy and guys cant control their johnsons) and Rupert was a opportunistic married director taking advantage of a young woman... and she gets all the blame?? Please! Enough of this crusifying of her and let her move on with her life. She is human and so are the rest of us. It is not like she is the only one in history to fall for a line from some marrried jerk. I dont condon cheating but her and Rob were not married and Rupert was. Dont forget he and his wife have made bank off this...and were having trouboles before this took place. He isnt known for being loyal to his wife and she has made a name suddenly off this dont forget.

nonmember avatar TheirDaughter

I TOTALLY agree with Elaine, leave this woman alone. She loves Rob and would do anything for him. The one who should take all the blame is Rupert. I mean, Jesus Christ!!! He is a MARRIED MAN!!! And he has children. I know for a fact that if Kristen was married, (example: to Rob) she would NOT do that if she was MARRIED. And if they had kids, I mean, come on! They would not do that, to one another, if they had children! Think of all the pain that they're going through if their parents split.... Please everyone put this ALL behind..... It's a new year (2014) let's all let it go.. and just sit back and relax.

TheirDaughter (Chelsea)

nonmember avatar TRUTH

she knew that he couldn't see why some one would cheat on there partners.that he couldn't forgive anyone who This whole cheating thing was almost 2 years ago don't hold water,Rob was a chronic cheat has never been proved and was started by the kristen fans to try to make up for her knocking off a Married man. shes been Dumped put out with the trash. in 2014 i suppose some trash colecter will pick her up

kandi... kandis1021

I waz an idiot and watched Twilight today. The first one.. I miss the series. Worst actress award? Well she sure had a lot of fans...

nonmember avatar Mae

I love them both. Hopefully 2014 will be a better year for them. They keep finding themselves back to each other that has to mean something.

Kristen you are a great actress pay no mind to the haters. Beautiful young woman and Robert is to die for😻

Gwenda Wakely

Robert is a sore loser,his pride was hurt when Kristen so called cheated,she kissed the guy big deal.If things had been going okay with her and Robert it wouldent have happened two have to take the blame,in his opinion when you have him,how could you want any one else.Rob is a chronic cheat and she got fed up with it.He may look nice and smiles at all the right times, but inside he is self centered,moody sulks and has one very large EGO.He loves to get drunk and is very much a womanizer.He also has no acting talent. His luck came from Kristen putting him up for the job in Twilight.What thanks did he give her,dump her as soon as you can,in case it makes him look like a whimp,yhat was too late he already is a whimp. It all went to his head.He had plenty of B grade movies before that and never made a name for himself.If he is such a great chap,how come nobody from Twilight stayed friends with him.And if he is so sure of himself why dose he have to keep getting advice from his Sisters? He is still a child,he needs to grow up.The last photo's from the clubs before he ran home,dident put him in a good light,he looked either drunk or stoned.And had plenty of paid friends to keep him company, his expression never changes.He has the same look on his face all the time.Dont think I will bother seeing any of his current list of movies,dont want to be bored to death.

nonmember avatar TRUTH

@ Gwenda there you go again with the Rob cheated there's no proof of that the lies the we love a slapper spread just to get round she broke up a far as i know it was the casting agent that picked Rob for the roll (he made her look as if she could act) the expression on his face is one of relief he don't have to listen to her lies about what she said went on
Dont think I will bother seeing any of her current list of movies,i don't want to be bored to death.when i can go to the lumber yard and watch a plank of wood it has more expression then she does.

Simča Michalíková

TRUTH---Seriously, I do not think if you look at what a fuss now agree Gwenda, Looks like it has a huge ego, booze, and if anyone even stoned, I would not wonder if he cheated on and more and more, I'm starting to believe this one

Priya Vasan

Robert panttinson is soo good........ then she.... her name is bella
she is also soo good.... But the real beauty is upcome by joining of two wonderful people..... its only you guys... I love u lot..... please be as one it makes u good.

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