Kris Jenner Still 'Loves' Lamar Odom But She's Standing Behind Khloe

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Kris Jenner and Khloe KardashianTo say that Khloe Kardashian is probably going through a whole lot of stress because of her divorce with Lamar Odom, that's an understatement. I mean -- everywhere she goes, the tabloids are following her every move, analyzing what she's wearing, what she's tweeting, what she's doing, the whole nine yards. And on the heels of the news that Kris Jenner is hoping to shop a reality show based on Khloe's single life, Mom is speaking up. Kris is totally supporting Khloe's big decision to leave Lamar.

"I still love Lamar and I love Khloe, and I hate, hate they're going through this," Jenner told People. "But if it's something that Khloe feels she needs to do, then I'm 150 percent behind her."

Hmmm, it's promising that Khloe's mom is standing behind her daughter. And it actually warms my heart that she's speaking fondly of Lamar after the media circus that has surrounded his cheating ways and addiction. There's no doubt in my mind, though, that Kris is pro this divorce for other reasons.

It's the drama, period. The Kardashians love a good story line. Heck, they need one. As the momager extraordinaire, Kris knows that more drama means more viewers. Even though Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on the way out, drama helps the Kardashian/Jenner clan stay relevant. Heck, the woman even turned her very own separation into a major story line for the latest season. Is NOTHING sacred anymore?

With that said, I do think she wants the best for her daughter. I just hope that Kris allows Khloe time to heal on her own before shoving this drama in front of the cameras. The momager says that Khloe's "learned a lot from the situation," which is promising. Even with that said, though, the last thing Khloe really needs right now is the whole world's input on how she's handling her problems.

Whom do you reach out to when you're going through hard times?


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nonmember avatar john doe

stop reporting what these irrelevant morons do every second of the day because we don't care

JoshR... JoshRachelsMAMA

Lamar Odoms father is a junkie. Apple doesn't gal far from the tree dearies.

Sue Coburn

  Do the Kardashiah's own thic should be renamed "Th













    Do the Kardashian's have interest in this site.?.this sit is ALL about this Media Whore Family!!!

Brittni Sweeney

I'm behind khloe 100% if she does want to do the show, she would make a great host and everybody loves her warm silly personality and she would be so fun to watch. But we would all understand if she doesnt want to make a show about her single life if shes not ready and doenst want even more people bothering her about other crap. I get being famous has its perks but people need to remember that they're like everyone else so treat them with some respect. Love all you Kardashians and Jenners so much you guys are such amazing women i asprire to be a little more like you guys, the best famous people in the world.<3

Adele Nicoll

i agree with you brittni sweeney.


1091U... 1091Universal

Kris Jenner is not behind Khloe because she love her, she is the force behind the madness.  I always and still believe that it was a set-up from day one between the two of them and Rob.  Evaluate the situation and notice that the math is off.  Look in Khloe's eyes and tell me which one is one drugs.  Why was/is Rob there?  I never heard of a problem with LaMar and Drug, and he is an athlete.  Set-Up!  I think he is getting rid os her like he stated.  The Kadashian women are whores and golddiggers.  I don't believe anything out of their months!  Especially, that women.


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